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Make Up Mirror: The Portable, Indispensable Personal Beauty Accessory!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Make Up Mirror Is A Woman's Best Friend

One of the most important items a woman has is a make up mirror, however not all make up mirrors are created equal. There are many different styles and reflection choices in the world of the make up mirror. A type of mirror that accurately reflects your image is a "true image" make up mirror. It allows you to see how your make up appears to others.

Make Up Mirror Can Be True Image Or Magnified

Most times a make up mirror will have two sides to it, one true image mirror and a magnified mirror.

A magnifying make up mirror is a necessity for applying eye liner or mascara evenly, or for shaping and plucking your brows. This type of mirror is very helpful to someone who normally wears glasses as it is difficult to apply eye make up while wearing glasses.

There is a dazzling variety of make up mirrors available
There is a dazzling variety of make up mirrors available

Many magnified make up mirrors come in different strengths of magnification. A strong magnification makes blemishes and imperfections more visible, allowing you to see them and cover them!

A pedestal make up mirror is great if you're sitting at a desk or vanity to apply your make up. The pedestal is height adjustable, preventing you from having to lean over to see your reflection.

A wall mounted make up mirror is great for a small washroom with little counter space. You can pivot or extend it to the best angle for applying your make up or styling your hair. Once you're done with it, it be pushed back out of the way, saving you valuable counter space.

Affixing a make up mirror to a wall on a swinging arm keeps your hands free
Affixing a make up mirror to a wall on a swinging arm keeps your hands free

The Cosmetics Must-Have! The Make Up Mirror

Of course every woman likes to put on her make up while gazing into an appealing compact mirror, but the choice of a make up mirror does not have to be limited to something compact that will fit into a purse, when you can choose from larger mirrors such as a charming wall mirror, a delightful full length mirror, an eye-catching full-length mirror, sublime vanity mirrors, a glamorous large mirror, king-sized large mirrors, an elegant round mirror, an exquisite floor mirror, a glorious antique mirror, or a splendid bathroom mirror.

Every woman knows the Revlon make up mirror, which seems to be the gold standard in the lighted make-up mirror, but when choosing an illuminated make-up mirror, or lighted make up mirrors, you want to ensure that you have a magnifying make up mirror so you can see all those important details when applying your cosmetics. When you complement a make up mirror with light, you end up with make up mirrors that are suitable for all locations and lighting conditions, and make for a perfect travel make up mirror.

Make up mirrors are universally found in cosmetic compacts
Make up mirrors are universally found in cosmetic compacts

An Illuminated Make Up Mirror Is The Preferred Choice

 To ensure even application, make up should be applied in strong or natural lighting. It isn't always probable for this to be done in which case a lighted make up mirror would be ideal. A lighted make up mirror has lighting built right into the frame, perfect for illuminating your face. They can be powered by cord or batteries, making them great for travelling.

Another mirror that is great for travelling is a compact make up mirror. It is small enough to carry in a purse or suitcase and can be used for touch ups at any time.

An Innovative Make Up Mirror

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