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Make-Up That's Appropriate For The Office

Updated on August 3, 2015
Facing the day with your best face forward
Facing the day with your best face forward | Source

Getting Started

I like to wake-up my face by splashing it with cold water. I have also found that by using baking soda as a face wash twice a week, it has made my skin glow and I see less blackheads and smaller pores. I pat it dry so I don't irritate my skin by rubbing it with the towel.

I also like to use baby wipes to clean my hands and fingers as I go along so I can just throw it out when I am done. (I also use it to wipe out the sink and countertop when I am done, but no one needs to know this.)

A good foundation goes a long way
A good foundation goes a long way | Source

Use The Right Product For You!

Using the correct product for your skin type, skin tone and skin texture is very important. You do not want to emphasize any imperfections if you can avoid it. Believe me, we all have imperfections. If you have skin that is smooth, but the color is uneven, you can tint your moisturizer for all over, light coverage. Just take a powder bronzer and shake it into your hand with about a quarter-sized dollop of moisturizer and mix it together with your finger. (My go to moisturizer has always been Olay. I like the Olay Complete since it has SPF 15. Remember ladies, the sun on your face is NOT your friend. It causes wrinkles, spots and other bad stuff.) Rub in all over your face and forehead, but not under your eyes. Do not forget to include your neck. Wrinkles like to show up on your neck, too, so you want to protect it as well as your face.

If you have blemishes or bumpy skin, a matte foundation works best. I like NYC Smooth Skin BB Creme 5 in 1 foundation. It comes in smooth and matte, so you can pick what works best for your face. You can even mix them together for half creamy/half matte coverage. (Sort of like a half-caf for your face.) All you really need is a quarter-sized dollop in your hand and just smooth it over your face, forehead and neck.

After I put the foundation on my face, I leave it there for about 1 minute to give it time to adjust to your skin. During that minute, I apply a little undercover underneath my eyes. After the minute is up, I smooth it all out with a make-up sponge. I pay special attention around my nose and my neck line so you cannot see where the foundation starts and ends.

During the winter months, I find that adding a few drops of moisturizer to the foundation before I rub it on my face helps keep my skin from getting dry spots from the home and office's heating systems.

During the summer months, after I have applied my foundation to my face, I like to use Hard Candy's Sheer Glow just to give me that sun-kissed look without actually having the sun kiss my face. I use a small dime-sized dot and rub some on my cheeks, down my nose and across my forehead. It's just enough to look like you were on the beach. You can use this alone or after you have applied your blush or bronzer. I like to use it in place of blush or bronzer for the summer months, but I don't use it in the winter.

Now we are ready to do our eyes.

The eyes have it
The eyes have it | Source
Color me exciting
Color me exciting | Source
Makes big, bold lashes
Makes big, bold lashes | Source

Eyes That Stand Out, Not Frighten.

You do not want to go to the office looking like you are ready for happy hour. Well, actually you do, but the office personnel usually won't approve. Here is how you can make yourself happy and not cause office drama at the same time.

I like to give a hint of a smoky eye, without actually going that far. By using lighter shades of color, you can have a dramatic effect without being offensive.

I love the Urban Decay Naked Pallette 1. It has mostly subtle browns and champagnes that flatter all eye colors, even mine, which are green.

I like to use a medium frosty brown on the lid and middle part. Then I use a lighter, champagne color on my lid. I also apply these colors with my fingers. Using my fingers allows me to "feel" how much color I am using so I don't overdo it.

I use the darkest brown in the outer corner of my eye and bring it in toward the bridge of my nose. Just under my brow, I like to use a bright, frosty white to emphasize and open my eyes. When all the browns are on my eyes, I give my eye one swipe to blot and blend the colors so you can't tell where one color starts and ends. Colorful, yet subtle enough for daytime.

I like gel eyeliner, but some of the newer kohl pencils are smooth enough to get a good, straight line. I like to make my eyeliner a little thicker on the outer corner of my upper eyelid and thinner toward the corner of my eye. I don't care for eyeliner on the under lid, but if that's what you like, go for it.

Mascara, mascara, mascara. What can I say? I have a love-hate relationship with mascara. Most of the ones I've used feel dry and flaky and I end up rubbing it off by lunchtime. There are two mascaras that I have used and not rubbed off. They are 1) Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced and 2) Voluminous Miss Manga by L'Oréal. I can wear these all day and never rub my lashes. I like to apply mascara to my top lashes first, then my bottom lashes. Then I do it again so I am giving them two coats. After the bottom lashes are dry, I take a Q-tip with makeup remover and lightly go under the bottom lashes to remove any mascara that got on my bottom eyelids.

Let's get our lipstick on.

Pretty smile
Pretty smile | Source

An Office Friendly Smile

I am not a fan of the red lipstick, however, it does look good on some people at certain times. For the office, you want to look friendly and helpful, not domineering and scary. I like to stick to neutrals and pinks. My favorite lipstick is Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. They have wonderful neutral shades and it is so smooth and creamy. I find that it lasts a good while, too. I do not have to re-apply until well after lunch, at about 3 pm. I like the Creme Brulee for a neutral shade and the Cotton Candy for a pink shade. They are flattering to most skin shades and compliment the neutral eye makeup. Sometimes, I like to just use a lip balm for shine. I think its fun to try different products and colors, just to mix it up a little. Keeps 'em guessing, so to speak.

Last Touches
Last Touches | Source

Finishing Touches

After I have completed my face, eyes and lips, I like to use a light bronzer as blush. It's not as heavy and doesn't give you a "heavy" makeup look. I always try to get one that has a rosy, pinky shade, not too orange.

I shake some into the lid, put my brush in it and tap it on the edge of the sink or the lid. Anything that comes off will go back into the holes of the shaker so you don't waste it. Then I brush upward toward my ear along the apple of my cheek only once or twice. Done. I do the other side and it's time to apply top powder.

Again, I use a brush and brush it along the finishing powder, whether it's loose or in a compact. I just lightly brush it over my face and forehead and I'm ready to go out the door.

You Go, Girl

Now you are ready to face the day and all that it throws at you.

Just remember, applying makeup can seem like it takes forever to do, but once you get in the swing of it and learn what works best for you, it will become second nature to you. Actually, it took me longer to read this and write it than it does to actually do it. I usually only spend about 10-15 minutes in the morning for a full face makeup. If it's the weekend, it takes me only about 5 minutes. A little undercover, quick smear of foundation, one shadow color, eyeliner, smudge of lipstick and I am outta here.

I hope you find this helpful and interesting. Have fun with it and walk into work with a positive glow and outlook for your day.

The morning arsenal
The morning arsenal | Source


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    • Queen Christine profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Egg Harbor Township, NJ

      I love that you can also layer the colors without looking over made up.

    • whaturmissing profile image


      3 years ago from Canada

      I love the Naked Pallette and use that everyday for work. It's very work friendly and neutral.


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