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Make-Up Tips for Small Eyes with Short Lashes

Updated on May 30, 2012

I struggled for YEARS with the constant curse of small eyes and short eyelashes. While some women are lucky enough to big almond shaped eyes, or angelic oriental shaped eyes, I was not. For this reason, through lots of experimentation I was able to find a few looks that really accentuated my eyes. Surprisingly, my eyes are now my most complimented feature! Here are a few looks that I have tried or still use, enjoy!

1. Eyelash Curling

Eyelash curlers are definitely a go-to make-up tool that us drastically under utilized in most women's cosmetic bags. There are fairly easy to use, and provide a HUGE change in the appearance of the eye. I do recommend practicing, as some women are initially concerned with having a piece of machinery that close to their eye. Here are a few tips and tricks with this:

1. I always recommend heating the eyelash curler with a blow dryer prior to use. Some professional recommend running the curler under warm water to get the same effect, however, with my experience, I have learned that if the curler is even somewhat damp, the moisture will then pass-on to the lashed during use, and wet lashes refuse to curl (similar to wet hair). So I recommend that you save yourself the headache and use a blow dryer. ALWAYS touch the curler to make sure that some of the heat has worn off. Not only is it dangerous to put a steaming tool that close to your sensitive eye, but it can bump the skin on your face, and let me tell you form experience, it does not feel good.

2. Never curl with the base of the curler at the base, or root, of your lashes. While this will give an incredible curl, it is prone to damaging your lashes. I typically begin about 3/4 of the way towards my roots, press for ten seconds, then move out just slightly and press for ten seconds more to give a very nature curl.

3. Avoid temptation and do NOT apply your mascara prior to using the eyelash curler. You can, and some of you will, due to the simply fact that the curl will be unreal in length. This is incredible damaging to your eyelashes, as they begin to dry and stick to the curler pads and can rip out upon removing the curler form your eyes. If you absolutely cannot resist the urge to put on mascara prior, make sure that it is absolutely dry before use of the eyelash curler. I also do not recommend putting on mascara prior as it will have the tendency to clump your lashes following the curling.

4. As addicting as eyelash curling may appear, try not to do it every day. As with curling the hair on your head, prolonged use can create a lot of damage to the lashes.

5. Swipe on mascara and enjoy! Apply mascara to the top of lashes, as well, to increase volume.

CoverGirl Line Exact
CoverGirl Line Exact

2. Cat-Eye Eyeliner

I can safety say that if you have ever experimented with make-up, then you have probably experimented with liners. I have tried everything from lower lid, upper lid, upper and lower lid, inner rim, pencil, liquid, black, brown, and everything in between. What I have found to be the best bet for me as far as eyeliner goes, is a black liquid cat-eye on my upper lid. The cat-eye extends the appearance of not only the eye, but the lashes, and also created a flattering shape for the eye.

I recommend liquid, as it will not smudge throughout the day. Using a liquid liner definitely takes a lot of practice, but I have found that the easiest one to use is CoverGirl Line Exact. It's super easy to hold, goes on nicely, and is relatively mess-free! The only downside is that it's use does not last for very long per bottle. But I just stock up with the sales show up!

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is always a fun subject when it comes to make-up! I absolutely experimented with color is this department. I have brown eyes, and have found that my favorite colors to wear are a mixture of brown and gold from L'Oreal HIP pigments that comes in a two color duo set. I begin with the gold in the inner corner and the brown on the outer corner, and blend them in the middle. I also extend the shadow above the crease which adds a TON to the look of the eye having depth. I definitely recommend this look for nights out paired with the cat-eye liner.


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    • avonladybug232 profile image

      avonladybug232 5 years ago from Manassas

      This Is very helpful Thanks!

    • aruffier profile image

      aruffier 5 years ago

      Thank you! It took me FOREVER to figure out these tricks, figured I should probably share for anyone else having trouble. :)

    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Nice, informative hub. I love the pictures too.

      voted up!