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Make-up tips for different outfits

Updated on June 1, 2017

How to beautify different outfits

Every outfit a person wears can be beautified you just need to know how to do it. What I mean by that, is, you can dress up any outfit, no matter what it is. Say you aren’t feeling good but you need to go out, you can go out in sweats, and feel crappy but people don’t need to know that, and that is because they can’t tell just by the way you are dressed. There are limitless ways to dress up any outfit. So how would you dress up any outfit, well considering I am not that into fashion I asked a friend to help me figure it out? Being beautiful doesn’t always just go by the clothing that people wear, it goes by how they do their makeup, for example, having great eyebrows, having them shaped properly and plucked or waxed properly can go a long way with anything. If you want to go out, why not try the shapely eyebrow and bold lip look.

Having shapely eyebrows and a bold lip can go a long way, from day to night or vice versa. If you not exactly sure how to do that look, why not look up tutorials on the internet for the shape of your face. The easiest way to do that is to type in eyebrow and makeup tutorials for whatever face shape you have, just remember to write down your face shape like, eyebrow and lip tutorials for an oval shaped face.

Or the best way to do this is to go and get your eyebrows waxed or threaded by a professional. Then you can use the shape that they give you as a base to do your make up in the future. They might even have stencils for sale so that you can get the salon look at home.

This is just for your everyday look, but what about when you want to go out on the town. There is a little bit more work involved in that, isn’t there? It depends on your outfit are you going to wear glitter, or are you going to wear your hair down are you going to wear, pants and a jacket? Your clothing and your hair choices will affect how you do your makeup for a night out on the town. Usually your look would be a bit bolder than it would be for your every day, and I don’t mean by your brow definition I mean by the way you do your makeup, for example, if you want to do a smoky eye for a night out, depending on your brow shape you can use a black or dark brown to define your eyes. But the black eye shadow doesn’t always look good on every face, so you need to figure out what colors work for your face versus what you see in a magazine. Every face is different so make sure that you are doing the proper makeup for your face, don’t do a really bold black when your brows are bold tone down your eyeshadow if you have bold brows because then you won’t take away from the brow.

Make-up should bring out the beauty in your outfit and make it pop
Make-up should bring out the beauty in your outfit and make it pop

Make-Up is Limitless

If you have a darker complexion go with, darker shades of colors, it will complement your skin tone rather than wash it out. remember that, when you do your makeup, especially throughout the warmer months, because if you have a darker complexion naturally chances are you will tan easily which means your skin will get darker, rather than lighten up. The darker the skin the darker the make- up you use, because it will bring out your skin tone and make you look great.

For example, who doesn’t do their makeup according to what clothing that they are wearing, depending on the color of my shirt, pants, or skirt depends on the color of eye shadow and blush that I use? My mascara is always the same black, I don’t usually change it up but that is because my skin has a natural olive tone and is dark.

Wear the right makeup for the outfit that you have chosen and the make- up that complements your face, along with the jewelry that complements your face and outfit. The reason why I say jewelry that complements it, is because some jewelry is too big for certain outfits but perfect for others. So it's not just made- up that can make an outfit it’s the jewelry too. Although when you are trying to dress down but dress up at the same time the make- up is key for those types of outfits, but if you are dressing up with the type of make-up that you would wear going out then you would add jewelry to those outfits to beautify them too. All and All depending on the outfit depends on how it is beautified and it also depends on the person wearing said outfit, for example, I am not a very big make –up person unless someone is doing it for me, if I am doing for myself I do very simple makeup just a bit of eye shadow, blush, and mascara NO LINER. That is just me, though, other people might be different, but that is why these are beauty tips for different outfits as well as different types of people because nobody is the same.

With everyone being different in their styles their beauty tips would be different as well, but that is what makes a person unique. Everyone knows what they like and what they don't and that goes for makeup too don't you agree? There are limitless things that can beautify different outfits, make-up being one of them but what about jewelry? the list is limitless.

Make- up can be worn limitlessly as well as jewelry but make- up can be a lot different than jewelry. In a sense that there are limitlessly more colors when it comes to makeup and you don't always have to match your makeup to your outfit like you would the jewelry that you wear. Make up is something that can limitlessly stand out when you wear it depending on the outfit.

Wear  Make-up to make you feel god in the outfit you wear to get the job you have done
Wear Make-up to make you feel god in the outfit you wear to get the job you have done

Make- Up is the focal point for an outfits limitlessness

Why is there so much different make-up around today? Here is my version of the answer, with the outfits that are limitlessly different the makeup has to coincide with it, in order to make the outfit you wear stand out.

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