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Shinier Hair using natural products and treatments

Updated on May 31, 2014

Too much hairspray?


In the age of instant celebrity and fame the demand (and competition) to look flawlessy beautiful has never been so great. It's not just A-list celebrities that traverse the red carpet that we strive to look like or the millionaire sports stars. No, the vast majority of us have become fixated on a more attainable target – The Reality TV star. And if its not these fame hungry perma-tanned wannabes showing us how much hairspray and lip gloss they can blanket themselves in during an episode of Jersey Shore or Big Brother then its the constant flow of cosmetic adverts that bombard us during the breaks which show us how we too can be “worth it”. If you're the type who loves to spoil yourself then you can always pay a trip to Dunboyne Hairdressers as they always have a full range of excellent hair styling services to choose from.

But in this age of plastic consumerism, is there still room for older more DIY Tutorials which can help us look beautiful, but in a more organic way? Without a doubt, and in my humble opinion they work alot better! Below I've outlined some great ways to get your hair looking shinier than ever before using some great natural (and far cheaper!) products.

Healthy Cider!

Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not like the smell but this wonder product can be used to get rid of dandruff or itchy scalp and also leaves the hair looking lustrous and shiny. The best way to mix it is by getting a plastic spray bottle (all good Blanchardstown Hairdressers have a supply of these) and mixing 2/3rds apple cider vinegar with 1/3 distilled water (yes distilled as ordinary tap water can contain fluoride and other impurities). Once you have it mixed shake it up a little bit and then spray on your hair until it is fully wet. Leave it soak in for a few minutes and then shower as normal (and use a natural conditioner - more about that next!).

The apple cider vinegar makes the hair alkaline and removes old soap residues meaning the scalp can breathe again as well as the hair shafts, meaning your hair is restored to a more natural vitality!

For more great information on apple cider vinegar check out Earth Clinic.

Conditioner straight from the Tropics!

Coconut Oil

One of all my all time favourite natural products has to be coconut oil, and unlike apple cider vinegar, coconut oil smells amazing! But why is it so great? Well, not only can it be used as a skin moisturiser or indeed a sun screen but it can be used to condition the hair in such a way that it feels like every strand of hair was woven by a silkworm! And as shiny as the hair becomes, never does it feel greasy.

For many years I personally suffered with dry frizzy hair that was extremely difficult to manage but after I started using coconut oil (once or twice a week depending) it has made my hair so much more manageable and lustrous. And where as consumer conditioners can often clog the scalps pores, coconut oil works in harmony with the skin leaving you utterly refreshed. And don't worry if you get it on your face or arms as it really is a great all over moisturiser!

Some great facts about coconut oil can be found here: Coconut Oil Facts

Let your worries drift away!

Head Massage

According to Eastern Medicine the clearest sign of abundant health is shiny, full glowing hair. And one of the best ways of achieving this is by a head massaging, as not only does it increase blood flow to the scalp and therefore stimulating nourishment and growth but it also works to relieve the body, mind and spirit of the stresses of every day life.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford to get regular head massages but there are some extremely good hairdressers which offer great head massaging services as well as hairstyling etc for great prices.

The use of oils and herbs can be used to stimulate the scalp and also work to bring a sense of calm that is very hard to match with any other type of massage.

Organic v Man-made Cosmetics

So what do you prefer? Organic natural cosmetics or are you a die hard brand girl (or boy!)

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A general overview of how to care for your hair!


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    • bookerboy profile image

      bookerboy 6 years ago from Ireland

      Hi Lavender!

      Me too...Ive been taking apple cider vinegar for the last month now - and once you get over the yucky taste you really do begin to see some great health benefits - even the whites of my eyes look a bit clearer!

    • profile image

      lavender3957 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, plan on trying this and I love anything natural rather than chemicals.