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How to make your own scarves out of tee shirts

Updated on February 8, 2012
Just a sample of designs you can see at
Just a sample of designs you can see at

The perfect accessory

Just think about the variety of tee shirts just lounging in your closet or dresser. You could very well have the perfect accessory for every outfit just lying quietly, waiting for you to take notice!

The first time I became aware of the tee shirt scarf was at work. I am employed with 160 people in an office environment. Our HR Director is very stylish and has a love for jewelry and accessories. One day, a co-worker of mine pointed out, "Hey, you know she makes those scarves out of old tee shirts, right?" I said "Whaaaaat?" I couldn't believe it. I had to go and research this idea.

I found lots of ideas for the tee shirt scarf at You can cut several inches above the band of the tee shirt and then loop it around for a scarf, or you can cut strips and loop them around or even braid part of your scarf or cut strips and weave beads into your design. The ideas are endless. Check it out here:

Harper says....this is a craft project worth spending time on!

Harper's pick of wearable art books


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