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Make yourself more attractive to others

Updated on March 27, 2013

The Secret to Beauty?

Dior highlights an important yet often overlooked aspect of true beauty in this inspiring quote
Dior highlights an important yet often overlooked aspect of true beauty in this inspiring quote

Attractiveness - What does it mean?

Terminology - what does it mean? - First I'm going to get you to think about what 'attractive' really means and entails, it's more complicated than you think!

There are many different words to describe an attractive person and each term conjours a slitghtly different image. Consider the following examples:

Beautiful, Pretty, Cute, Stunning, Handsome, Attractive, Gorgeous, Good-Looking, Nice-Looking, Appealing, Striking, Hot, Sexy, Foxy, Dishy, Enchating etc... there are many more aswell!

I'm sure you can think of examples of ladies who satisfy some of the above. But I also bet that there are certain women for whom all the terms are not appropriate. For example while someone like Michelle Obama is (in my opinion) handsome, attractive, good-looking I wouldn't call her Cute or Hot. Whereas someone like Angelina Jolie oozes sex appeal and could be easily called Gorgeous, Sexy and Hot - she would be less likely to be called Handsome. Again, take someone like Reece Witherspoon, I would call her cute and pretty rather than stunning and foxy.

The point i'm trying to make is that there are many different forms and types of attractiveness. Whilst it may not be possible to attain the natural beauty of Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis, attractiveness or 'gorgeousness' is available for the taking by everyone!! You will be suprised by how easy it is to convince other people (and yourself) that you are much prettier and more gorgeous than you really are (or think you are!). Trust me, I have seen this in action many many times. Perhaps you know someone who acts with confidance and self-belief and everyone seems to like them and think they are attractive, they get lots of male attention and you yet you know they aren't really 'all that'! They are probably in on the secret too... So continue reading and learn some of the tricks!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is often ranked as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Angelina Jolie is often ranked as one of the most beautiful women in the world. | Source

The Most Important Ingrediant....


Without beating around the bush I will state first and foremost that Confidence is one of the single biggest things that you can develop which will have a direct and significant impact on how attractive you appear.

Confidence IS attractive. There is no denying it. Im sure you can think of people you know who are particulary confident in themselves and their abilities, do these people appear more attractive than those who are perpetually putting themselves down and acting without any self belief? I will bet that they are. Something about having confidence in ones self inspires others to invest the same confidence in you. Why would other people believe in you, and think you attractive if you tell them otherwise or act otherwise constantly?

Perhaps you do not have any self confidence and so find it impossible to act as though you do, the best thing that you can do in this situation is fake it untill you make itThis has been the secret to a great deal of my successes. I just force myself to fake confidence whenever I don't feel it. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself " I Can Do This - I Am Confident" and then just go with it. Think confident - be confident. It really is that easy!

Think Confident - Be Confident

When you look into the mirror - don't talk yourself down, talk yourself up!!
When you look into the mirror - don't talk yourself down, talk yourself up!! | Source

Pay Attention to Yourself

This is the second big trick to making yourself appear more attractive. I'll explain what I mean in a little more detail....

When you feel low about yourself and have no confidence it is easy to neglect your physical appearence and general self-care. You might be tempted not to bother re-dying your roots untill it is absolutly a dire requirement, buying new clothes or even wearing different clothes seems like an effort that is pointless. Putting on makeup seems like a waste of time. All of this will however only contribute to making you feel even worse.

In order to start feeling more attractive and convincing other people of the same you need to start paying attention to yourself, and somehow you will start to become more attractive. It just happens like that, really it does!


Things to pay attention to!

I have already advised you to pay attention to yourself, that is all well and good but what aspects exactly do I mean? The following is a not exhaustive list of things that you should focus on - not presented in any particular order:

  • Hair - I'm a big believer in the power of good hair. It can make a huge difference to your appearence and is relatively easy to manipulate and change which is good news! The key bit of advice here would be to work with what you have got. Whatever your natural hair type is, whether it be; thin, thick or curly - work with this. Try not to 'force' your hair into a style that is too unnatural for it. Work with a professional hair stylist to get some ideas about what you can do, and get their expert advice on what would suit you best - (Most salons offer a free consultation service, so make use of this! Get plenty of ideas and then go with the hairdresser who seems to be on your wave-length with what you want. Always give them pictures of styles you like if possible. - Once your hair is cut, styled, dyed - whatever you have decided to do, you must maintain it. Wash your hair regularly, keep it conditioned and have it trimmed regularly. Keep on top of your roots if you are dying your hair and treat it to a conditioning treatment regularly
  • Makeup - Makeup can make a HUGE difference, more than that, when applied with skill makeup can effect an absolute transformation in appearence. If you don't believe me try searching the internet for celebrities without makeup...(seriously, do it!) If you can get into the habit of wearing makeup regularly, even just minimal makeup it can have a huge impact. It is also really enjoyable and fun to apply, you can use your creativity and play around with colours and looks, you may end up getting a taste for it! If you are unsure how to apply makeup, i would say search youtube for makeup tutorial videos, there are thousands on there and some of them are very good and very detailed, and most also list all the products used. You can also visit makeup counters at large department stores as many of these will offer you a free makeup lesson, or will test out products to find the best for you, you can also get free samples to try before you buy! Just ask!

  • Physical Health / Exercise / Weight - I've decided to lump these three together as I think they all fall under the same category. Your physical health has an impact on how you feel and how you experience life. Keeping healthy is really important, health is attractive after all. It is therefore important to pay attention to your body, eat well and ensure that you are getting your vitamin / mineral requirements, drink plenty of water, this will help to keep your skin clear and healthy. Being physically fit and active will also help with increasing your self confidence and boosting endorphins which will all help on the path to gorgeousness! Similarly, if weight is an issue for you, I would advise that you seek professional guidance from a doctor or dietician and work with them to develop a programme of healthy eating and exercise which is right for you.

step by step guide available on youtube

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