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MakeUp is Overrated

Updated on February 3, 2015

5 Best Skincare Habits

Try not to sleep in your makeup. This is a tried and trued telltale. Our skin sheds the dead cells every day. Sleeping in makeup, only makes for double trouble.



Do I Need To Exfoliate?

Not everyone needs to exfoliate everyday; especially, oily and acne prone skin. Beware of this misconception! By using a gritty face wash, you could potentially spread the bacteria from breakouts, only making the issue worse.

A Misconception?


Get A Facial

Some people might think that "getting a facial", is only for special occasions. Not so true. Facials are that critical point between tending to an issue- (acne, too dry, too oily, fine lines & wrinkles) and maintenance- (getting results).

Facial A Month


Skincare Lines

All skincare lines are not the same. They all think THEY are the BEST!

Of Course...

So, of course- skincare lines are unique as are we. As a Tennessee State Board Aesthetician- I have seen damage to skin types that were not using the right kind of products for their skin, and I have seen much result from regular facials and using a product line that works for someone's specific skin care needs.

  • and don't leave men out in the cold, everyone needs a facial
  • the stimulation of blood flow during a facial, makes great strides in achieving the results you may be looking for
  • it's a time to relax, relax and wind down; facials are very rewarding, as you may find, as skincare shows results

More Than A Reward


You Are What You Eat

Surprise! No, really, maybe it's not a big surprise to you. Either way, it's true. Taking care of your skin-is taking care of your body.


Why Would You Think, MakeUp Is Overrated

Know Your Skin. Only you do. Women everywhere have used makeup for centuries and centuries, to cover, to accent facial features, to express themselves. Wear it. Don't wear it.

The Mayo Clinic gives some tips for healthy skin:

1) Protect Yourself from the Sun
2) Don't Smoke
3)Treat skin gently
4) Eat a Healthy diet
5) Manage Stress

If You Can, Try To Do It


Smile...& Drink Your Water

What Do You Think?

Is makeup overrated?

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