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Makeup Kits

Updated on November 18, 2013

Choosing A Makeup Carrier

Whether you are a professional wanting to start a makeup kit to take with you to clients, adding to your makeup kit or you just want a start a makeup kit for yourself there are essential cosmetics and tools that you need in your make up kit. A makeup kit should contain all the essentials and should also carry things that you may need but wouldn’t think of until you need it (which might be too late). A professional makeup kit will contain many more items then a personal makeup kit due to the fact that you are using the make up for clients and you need to make sure you have all the make up to cover all range of makeup looks.

The first thing you will need to do is find a box or a bag to hold the make up you may want in your makeup kit. If you are starting up a professional makeup artist kit you will need a bigger case then for personal use. Most professional make up artists use something called a train case, which comes in different sizes, including stackable ones that can be pulled on wheels like a suite case, as well it comes in hard and soft versions. If you are looking for a hard train case then it can come in silver or black aluminum, gator, or fabric designed. Although soft cases are called soft cases they are actually in fact hard shelled and stands up right, it is just padded on the outside with a fabric material that is cushioned. If you are looking for a makeup kit for personal use then you may want something that is smaller like a small makeup bag, travel makeup bag, or a much smaller makeup train case.

Once you have your make up carrier, you will then have to figure out what you want in that carrier. You will find below a list of items that are often found in makeup kits for professional and personal.

Personal Makeup Kits

For a Personal Makeup Kit:


Setting Powder


Eye Primer
Eye shadow (some neutral shades, darker shades, and brighter shades)
Eyebrow Pencil or powder


Lip Liner
Lip Stick
Lip Gloss
*Tip: have different shades from neutral to brighter colors for different occasions


Foundation Brush
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
Concealer Brush
Eye shadow Brush (larger and smaller size)
Angled Shadow brush
Eyebrow Brush


Clear Nail Polish
Facial Lotion
Hand Lotion
Eyelash Glue
Eyelash Curler
Lip Balm
Pencil Sharpener
Setting Spray

Professional Makeup Kits

Professional Makeup Kit:

Most of these items will be the same as it is in a personal make-up kit; it just has more variety so you have a version for all your clients.


Foundation: For oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin; also have dry and wet versions; 4-6 different shades for each type (can be mixed together to achieve certain shades but this is cover your basis)
Concealer: Highlight, dark, medium, light (again can be mixed together to achieve shades wanted)
Loose powder: dark, light, and translucent setting powder
Blush: have different shades from cool to warm colors
Bronzer: have different shades as well from darker to lighter
Setting Spray


Eye Primer
Eyeliner: Black and brown for sure and other colors wanted, also have pencil eyeliners, gel liners, and liquid liners
Mascara: Black, brown and clear (clear will be needed for children or men; can also be used for eyebrows)
Eye shadow: Neutrals cool to warm colors, darker shades and brighter shades, matte and glitter version
Powder Contour
Powder Highlights
Lash Lengthener
Eyebrow Pencil or powder: Black and brown but also have other shades


Lip Liner: Assorted colors; have anywhere from 6 – 10 different shades
Lip Stick: 15 – 20 different shades and can be mixed together to achieve shade needed
Lip Gloss: have clear lip gloss and also have 6 – 10 different shades
Lip Balm

Makeup Prep Products:

Cleaners: oily, normal. Dry, combination, sensitive
Toners: Oily, dry, normal, acne
Moisturizer: scent free; oil free, oily, dry, normal, combination skin,
Make-up remover: pads and liquid
Eye makeup remover: Pads, oily and non-oily
Tattoo cover up and color correctives


Brushes (keep non-disposable brushes in brush roll, can have a couple sets as you might be working with more then one client and don't have time to clean and dry in between):
Brow brush and comb
Eye Shadow Angle Brush
Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush (Different sizes)
Blending Brush
Contour Brush
Blush Brush
Bronzer Brush

Dome/Powder Brush
Disposable lip stick/gloss application
Disposable Eyeliner tips for liquid liner
Disposable Velour Round Puffs
Disposable Mascara Wands
Wedge Sponges
Stipple Sponge
Cotton Pads
Wet Wipes (non-scented)
Tissues: Mini Packets and Full Size Box
Roll of Paper Towel
Brush Cleaner (Clean your brushes right after you finish with each client!)

Eyelash Curler
Lash Glue
Assorted False Eyelashes: strips and individuals
Sharp Scissors
Pencil Sharpeners
Hair Clips and Bobby Pins
Small Spray Bottles
Blotting Paper
Nail Polish Remover
Clear Nail Polish
Hand Held Mirror

Things for Your Convenience:

Waist pack for brushes
Clear Bags
Sunscreen (you never know)
Stage Makeup (even if you are only doing beauty make up, you might need it!)


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    • listsnthings profile image

      Anna Christie 2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Thanks for this hub. It's a great way to keep all your makeup and brushes in makeup boxes so that you keep all your different cosmetics in separate sections for easy use.