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Makeup Tips for Maturing Beauties

Updated on October 16, 2012
Contouring, highlighting and concealing
Contouring, highlighting and concealing | Source
Another view
Another view | Source
Blended | Source
Almost finished
Almost finished | Source
Completed look
Completed look | Source

What i did at 20 does not apply to what i do in my 40's and beyond.

For one my skin is no longer that of a 20 year old and neither is my body for that fact. Thank God! Because one thing i know for sure is what i did at 20 was what i needed to know who i am in my 40's.

That said i am a maturing beauty and i am loving it because there is a sense of freedom that I didn't have in my 20's or 30's that i have now that no one can change my mind about.

That said i am no longer as stubborn either. So that means i am maturing right?. With this knowledge it also helps me to adjust to the truth about being a matured beauty.

Along with this mentality i realized that a lot of other things need to be adjusted in my life. That looking my best also needs to be handled from the point of maturity as well.

Lord knows that the only thing that stays constant is change.

For women that includes their makeup.


Let up on the concealer. Go light with the makeup. Don't overdo the color. Concentrate on focusing color on one area. Ditch the black hair color, the black brows and the black eye liner. Black has it's advantages but too much black has it's drawbacks and makes skin imperfections more prominent especially on mature beauties.


Hair color i discovered is a big one. If your hair is growing gray, or not you need to do something that will enhance your face and your coloring. So here are some suggestions.

  • lighten it
  • let it go gray
  • cut
  • wig it
  • weave it


Eyebrows frame the face . They should be used to show off any woman's face. When using a pencil use short strokes to add the color, then blend into hair, Don't draw them on in one heavy line.

  • shape it
  • color it
  • lighten it, bleach

What to use

  • light colored pencil
  • eye shadow powder
  • eye brow powder


  • highlight cupid's bow
  • use neutral lip liner to out line mouth
  • touch of gloss to center of lips


Having color on your cheeks enhances a woman's features. The hollows need to be addressed.

  • color
  • cream blush, dewy

What to do

  • add bronzer, sun kissed, backwards 3- temple, cheek hollow & jawline
  • contour
  • place below apple of cheek


  • bridge highlight
  • narrowing width, darker color on nostrils

Contouring and highlighting is a great thing for mature beauties, but it is the preparation of your skin before applying makeup that adds to using makeup in the first place.

Note the right concealer or corrector can be a mature beauties best friend and creamy cosmetics are just absolutely Wunderful !!! Wonderful...


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks, Scribenet, anytime - inspired! I love the video as well, he's awesome...

    • Scribenet profile image

      Scribenet 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Yes! Excellent advice. I have always liked to use make up but have used less and less as I matured (read became older). I think it becomes a real art and I like what you have written. Definitely bookmarking! I like the video as well! Thanks.