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Makeup Tips for Your Dry Skin

Updated on October 1, 2017

Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

A lot of people have dry skin, and it can affect what kind of Makeup you can wear if you don't manage it correctly, having dry skin doesn't mean you can't wear make up, you just have to go about it differently. Many people find that when they try to wear makeup they end up with dry flakes all over their face, however using the simple tips i'm about to give you, you can wear your makeup and not worry about your dry flaky skin coming out later in the day.

Moisturize. Makeup can dry your skin out, even liquid foundation can leave your skin dry and begging for moisture. There are a lot of different types of moisturizers you can use, i have pale skin that will not tan so i prefer to use a moisturizer that adds and evens out your skin tone, it adds a soft glow that my pale skin just doesn't have naturally. Experiment and see which moisturizer works best for you, depending on how dry your skin is I recommend moisturizing and then using a lotion your used to using on your face. Personally if i'm using powder foundation i have to moisturize twice and then use lotion twice as my skin soaks it up like it can't get enough.

Exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin and helps keep your skin soft and smooth. exfoliating once or twice a week can leave your skin soft and smooth. Their are different kinds of scrubs you can buy that will exfoliate your skin, try a few different kinds and see which ones work best for you.

Vitamins. Taking a multivitamin or vitamins specifically for Hair, skin, and nails will help heal dry skin from the inside out. Also eating right can help you obtain important vitamins your body needs to help your skin heal and become softer.

Use what works. If after you've used all the above tips, your makeup still leaves your skin drier than you'd like you should find some moisturizing foundation, this foundation adds another layer of moisture over what you've already added to your face and will help keep your face soft through the day and night.

Don't scrub. If you use powder foundation apply it with a brush, using the pad can scrub against your face and cause your skin to flake and dry out again.

Chap stick. People with dry skin also tend to get dry lips, especially in the winter. i recommend using a lip stain and then applying chap stick over it, the lip stain will last a long time and the chap stick will keep your lips moist and soft.

Eye shadow. Sometimes dry skin can be so bad that even the skin on your eyes can get dry which can mess with the way the eyeshadow looks on your eyes. Using liquid eye shadow can help with this, as the powder eye shadow can further dry out your eyes.

People who have dry skin don't have to go without makeup, there are many different products out there that can hep improve dry skin and work with whatever skin conditions you may have weather it may be skin that too dry or skin that's too oily. However less is more, don't apply too much make up as that too can dry your skin out because the makeup will suck a certain amount of moisture out of your skin no matter what.

Also making sure to wash all the makeup off your face before going to bed because leaving it on while you sleep can further dry your skin out and may also cause irritation. Hopefully these tips will help you out with getting that perfect look you want, you don't have to be limited by your skin type.


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