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Makeup free and loving it

Updated on October 28, 2014


I abandoned the daily use of makeup when the business casual dress code became the norm in my workplace.

The casual look has been a blessing for me. The years of excess in the eighties which included wearing heavy makeup, especially eye makeup, took its toll on my skin. My skin became so dry and splotchy I was forced to ease up on makeup use. It took me a while to wean myself completely, after all I like looking pretty. Though I may have been in the minority I was not alone ... the concept of skin sensitivity became an issue for many people.

A big advantage of being makeup free is saving money. Those of you who buy cosmetics on a regular basis know how much this stuff costs.

I also gained time in my busy day that I would have otherwise spent on applying and removing makeup. Many nights I was so tired I felt like going straight to bed without washing my face, which is a no-no as you know.

So I'm not missing the hassle nor the cost and hazards of makeup.

Sure, living without makeup is not revolutionary, though to some it may seem radical. But the freedom I'm experiencing is worth writing about.

Did you know the rocky history of cosmetics?

Cosmetic use was frowned upon at many points in Western history. For example, in the 19th century, make-up was used primarily by prostitutes, and Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup improper, vulgar, and acceptable only for use by actors. Adolf Hitler told women that face painting was for clowns and not for the women of the master race.

Women in the 19th century liked to be thought of as fragile ladies. They compared themselves to delicate flowers and emphasised their delicacy and femininity. They aimed always to look pale and interesting. Sometimes ladies discreetly used a little rouge on the cheeks, and used "belladonna" to dilate their eyes to make their eyes stand out more. Make-up was frowned upon in general especially during the 1870s when social etiquette became more rigid.

During the 20th century, the popularity of cosmetics has increased rapidly. Cosmetics are used by girls at an increasingly young age, especially in the United States. Due to the fast-decreasing age of make-up users, many companies, from high-street brands like Rimmel to higher-end products like Estee Lauder, have catered to this expanding market by introducing more flavored lipsticks and glosses, cosmetics packaged in glittery, sparkly packaging and marketing and advertising using young models. The social consequences of younger and younger beautification has had much attention in the media over the last few years.

Criticism of cosmetics has come from a variety of sources including some feminists, Islamists, Christianists, animal rights activists, authors and public interest groups. There is a growing awareness and preference for cosmetics that are without any supposedly toxic ingredients, especially those derived from petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and parabens.


Cosmetic companies target teenage girls who ironically least need to use makeup. I encourage bucking that trend. I believe makeup hides the true beauty in young women. Chemicals in makeup can age and ruin young skin, not to mention waste money that could be used for more important things.

I found these helpful tips for those of you who would like to go makeup free.

How to Look Good Without Makeup

Nothing Like Water
Some say water is life! I completely agree. Drinking plenty of water every day keeps your skin young and glowing. The water flushes out all the toxins from your body, thus, making your skin healthy and marks free. So, no need for that foundation to hide those marks.

Beauty Sleep Is a Must
Eight hours of proper, well rested sleep is needed for healthy looking skin. Lack of proper sleep shows as dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes, etc. And in order to hide them, makeup is used. So if you have a proper 8 hours sleep daily, then you can say goodbye to makeup.

Cold Water
Early morning, the first thing that you have to do after you brush your teeth, is splash cold water on your face and eyes. Also, whether in office or anywhere else, whenever you get time, splash cold water to your face and you can feel the difference. It will make you feel fresh and even your skin won't have the dull look which it usually has by the end of the day. You will have a wide awake look which makes anyone look good.

Exfoliate Your Skin
Another tip on how to look good without makeup, is by exfoliating your skin before you leave your house. First, wash your face with a good cleanser or face wash and then scrub it using a good scrubbing pad. They will remove all the dead skin which is responsible for making your skin look dull. Scrubbing or exfoliating the skin also opens the pores of your skin which let's your skin breathe, thus making it even more healthy.

Makeup or Not, Sunscreen is a Must
Whether you apply makeup or not, sunscreen is something which you should never skip. Whenever you're going out, no matter how late you are, applying a good herbal sunscreen is a must. Do not expose your naked skin to the harsh rays of the sun. They do more damage to the skin.

Well Shaped Eyebrows
When people rest their eyes on your makeup free, good looking face, do not let them get distracted by uneven eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows are shaped and there is not a single stray hair, thus, ensuring that you have the perfect eyebrows. Similarly, your eyelashes should also be well maintained so that even with no eye makeup, your eyes look great.

A Good Hairstyle
A good, well shaped hairstyle can do wonders. Go get a good haircut done, something that suits your face and you will look pretty, even without a single trace of makeup.

Great Looking Lips
Even if you are not wearing any lipstick, you should not ignore your lips as they are the most important feature of your face. So even if you are not applying any makeup, make sure that you apply some moisturizer on those lips of yours as they will make them look soft and supple. Maybe a tinge of lip gloss can do wonders.

A Good Skin Care Routine
No matter how tired you are, there a no excuses for not following a daily skin care routine. If you do not take care of your skin, you cannot expect it to look good all the time without makeup. So a proper skin care routine, with moisturizer and other natural creams, is important. Make sure you use a proper herbal product. Get a facial done at least once a week.

Exercise Daily and Eat a Healthy Diet
This is one very important tip on how to look good without makeup. Daily exercise will not just keep you healthy and strong but even your skin will have a perfect, healthy glow on it. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A healthy diet is good for healthy looking skin.

So girls, don't you think it's a great idea to look good without makeup? No need to spend all that money behind those expensive makeup kits now, no need to get your skin get damaged due to the harsh chemicals used in makeup. Naturally you can have healthy glowing skin and look good and attractive. So what do you say girls? Try it out for yourself and see the difference!




Heavy metals found in Canadian cosmetics

In lab testing of 49 cosmetic products, Environmental Defence found varying levels of toxic heavy metals in all of them. One contained levels far exceeding Health Canada recommended limits, according to the report “Heavy Metal Hazard,” released Monday. None of the products listed the metals on the labels.

On average, the products contained four of the eight metals of concern: mercury, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, lead, selenium and thallium. Some had impurities from seven metals.

Heavy metal buildup can cause a wide range of health concerns, including cancer, reproductive and developmental disorders, and neurological problems.

The highest levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead were all found in lip glosses. “Many women are directly ingesting these products as they eat and drink and lick their lips,” Smith said.


In the meantime, the report recommends that consumers:

• Choose safer products. To find out which to avoid and which are safest, visit or

• Use less. Consider eliminating some products from your daily routine, or wear makeup less often.

• Press the federal government to give Health Canada the authority and resources required to ensure cosmetics sold in Canada are safe, by visiting

• Demand cosmetics companies fully disclose ingredients, and support those companies that do.

Chemicals in nail polish, hair spray may increase diabetes risk

A group of chemicals found in personal care products may raise the risk of diabetes, a new study suggests.

Women in the study with highest concentrations of these chemicals, calledphthalates, in their bodies were more likely to have diabetes than women with lowest concentrations, the researchers said.

Phthalates are found in a variety of products, including nail polish, hair sprays, soaps and shampoos.

There was also a link between high concentrations of phthalates and insulin resistance among women who did not have diabetes. (Insulin resistance is often aprecursor to Type 2 diabetes).

The findings suggest that phthalates could disrupt blood sugar metabolism, said study researcher Tamarra James-Todd, of Brigham and Women's Hospital's Division of Women's Health.

However, the researchers cautioned the study surveyed participants at only one point in time, and more research is needed that follows women over years to confirm the results.

Writer Phoebe Baker Hyde's 17 months without makeup made her happier

Excerpt from "The Beauty Experiment: How I Skipped Lipstick, Ditched Fashion, Faced the World Without Concealer, and Learned to Love the Real Me."

The woman I was at the end of my beauty experiment differed from the woman who started it, but I was still making journal entries filled with questions, not answers.

I’ve changed since my experiment, but you might not know it to look at me. Imagine a set of makeover shots, only the before and after don’t look so different— same face, same body, same wardrobe, more or less, just a few years further into life. The difference is that the woman in the “before” shot is forever looked at.



Read an interview with Phoebe Baker Hyde

Q: Do you think that swearing off the conventional trappings of female beauty made you any happier?
A: I think it removed a giant piece of anxiety and self-doubt, for a time. And that was a good thing. What was difficult, at the end, was realizing that I wasn’t prepared to live this way for the rest of my life. So how was I going to reintroduce elements of grooming and adornment that would enable me to stay positive? Finding the middle ground was the hardest part.


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    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 3 years ago from Canada

      Hi vibesites, maybe when your acne clears up over time you'll be able to cut back on makeup even if not completely. Glad you liked my hub.

    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 3 years ago from United States

      That's a nice hub. I wish I could have the willpower to forego makeup. I only use makeup (esp. liquid foundation) to cover up my acne scars.

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 4 years ago from Canada

      Hi michelle, thanks for reading my hub, glad you enjoyed it. The cosmetic industry's success is due to aggressive marketing and advertising but unfortunately it has made us believe that we are not complete without makeup. But that is changing as we become more health conscious. It's great to be liberated from make-up, isn't it!

    • profile image

      michelle 4 years ago

      Several years ago I was diagnosed with a severe soy allergy. What a blessing because I have learned so much about everything I consume and put on my skin. I wore make-up for years and years. I thought I couldn't leave the house without it.

      Now I am make-up free and so happy!! It really goes along with my healthy life style.

      I am stylish and put together, just without all the chemical laden expensive stuff I used to slather on.

      What a great hub, we are all learning how to be healthy and beautiful naturally, thank you!!!

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi Dino, thanks for your comment. I didn't know that about sunblock. No wonder more and more people are Vitamin D deficient.

    • profile image

      Dino 5 years ago

      But sunblock is not a must at all, quite the contrary, it is bad for your skin. You want to get vitamin D straight from the source, from the sun and the sunblock...well, it blocks the interaction between the sun and your skin. Look more into it and don't believe what the cosmetic industry is telling you.

      I've been a vegan for a year now and I also don't need any moisturising cream. The best moisturising that you can do is eating properly, healthy and really studying nutrition, which granted it takes a long time. I am still learning and I've started around three years ago.

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks QudsiaP1, I appreciate your comment :)

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      Very well written.

    • itskasia profile image

      itskasia 6 years ago from Canada

      Yeah your totally right! I shouldn't depend on a product to make me look beautiful... when already I am beautiful without. Scars will fade away anyway overtime :)

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 6 years ago from Canada

      Hi itskasia, glad you found useful info in this hub. Skin imperfections are a bummer, when I look in the mirror that's all I seem to see. It does affect my self confidence because I feel that everyone is staring at my flaws. I use a concealer that matches my skin color. I try to use it sparingly and only on special occasions as the makeup removal process is harsh on my skin. We have to eventually make peace with our flaws because we have to live with them, you know what I'm saying.

    • itskasia profile image

      itskasia 6 years ago from Canada

      love this article, great information and very encouraging!

      i'm trying my best to stop using makeup. I only use it because i have to conceal my acne scars :(

    • Tranquilheart profile image

      Tranquilheart 6 years ago from Canada

      Hear that girls, Fiddleman likes you just the way you are! :D

      Thanks for stopping by Fiddleman, it's nice to get a guy's point of view about "women's stuff".

    • Fiddleman profile image

      Robert Elias Ballard 6 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

      Great hub and many women look just fine without any make up at all. I can understand how some may want to conceal a blemish and tastefully done is unnoticeable.