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Best Makeup Products and Tips for Daytime Wear-To Achieve that Everyday Glow that Lasts While You're out and About

Updated on September 5, 2012

Foundation that Won't Clog Your Pores and Lasts All Day

Foundation is the most important thing in order to be able to have a flawless look, and can be the most frustrating when it comes to finding the right color. Any foundation you choose, must say "non-comedogenic". It is also important that your cosmetics do not have a fragrance, that can lead to irritation and rashes. No one wants to have clogged pores from their makeup. Then you will be trying to cover up your skin even more! These listed foundation types are good for during the day as they are not cakey and will provide your skin with the perfect start to the rest of your makeup!

Test your foundation along your jawline and on the inside of your wrist to make sure the shade blends in naturally. It is better to have a lighter shade of foundation than it is darker. If it is too light you can blend foundations or add darker powders to match skin tone.

Primer will help your makeup stay on much longer and even out your skin's texture.

Liquid is perfect for maturing/dry/dehydrated skin. Maybelline's Liquid Mousse Foundation is not technically liquid but I like it just a little bit better. Why? Because, it's very light, easy to apply and does not sit in fine lines and wrinkles, same for the airfoam foundation (it just has lighter coverage). Best if applied with sponge.

Pressed foundation is normally my favorite. It works best with oily/acne prone skin, or skin that has large pores. Powder has better coverage and keeps the shine under control. Maybelline's Purestay Powder is even more awesome because it contains SPF. For lighter coverage use Kabuki brush and swipe in circle motions over the face until blended. For heavier coverage use the provided sponge and pat powder on evenly over skin.

To add additional staying power brush a translucent setting powder all over after the foundation has set into the skin.

A Kiss of Sun

After applying your primer and foundation, unless you are very tan, a bronzer will give you that dewy glow you have been looking for. For oily skin stick to a matt bronzer, anything shimmery will just make you look extra shiny. For sun tinted appearance apply with a large brush or kabuki brush across upper cheekbones, bridge of nose, temples and forehead. Anywhere the sun would hit. You do not need much to achieve that healthy glow.

This Neutrogena Bronzer is great because it has different shades of brown hues that will give you a natural look.

Best All Day Wear Blush

Glow for the Day

Blush is one of my favorite types of makeup. I love to experiment with what gives me that perfect glow. In the colder months plums, burgundies and browns are the perfect colors. In the warmer months, coral, peach and pink are very attractive. Because this article is for day time application only then I recommend to stay light on the blush. You don't need much blush during the day, just a little will go far.

Cream Blush has become very popular. It has a more intense color when applied so you do not need much. It is good for every skin type and does stay on a little longer than powder blush does.

Apply cream blush with your finger right on the apples of your cheeks, and rub in circles to blend upward into your cheek.

Powder Blush all skin types work well with powder. Always keep it matte if you have oily/shiny skin.

When you smile take notice to the apples on your cheeks, take your brush and lightly swipe the blush right where the highest point on the apple is. Blend across the bridge of your nose.

"Orgasm" from Nars is a shade that is very complimentary to any skin tone and gives that natural "flush" appearance.

Eyeliner That Doesn't Crease and Fade

I am a HUGE fan of gel and cream eyeliners. They are very easy to apply for "new" makeup users as well as a big favorite for experienced makeup users. I know a lot of people who are tired of pencils because they don't last long and they can damage your eye and the delicate skin around it.

In order to apply this type of eyeliner you will need an angle eye brush. Start out just lightly pushing your brush into the shadow, you normally do not need much but it is easy to layer. I recommend brown, darker browns, or plum colors for during the day. Remember, we are trying to keep you glowing, black can be harsh for daytime use unless you are using just a little bit along the lash line! By drawing a straight line across the lid you will get more of a liquid liner look. By doing short swipes over the eyelid you will get more of a natural blended look. Unless I am severely sweating, I never have to reapply these liners. They look nice alone or paired with neutral eyeshadows during the day.

Another eyeliner tip is that you can actually use eyeshadow as eyeliner. You can choose a darker shader of shadow and use the angle brush, this gives the eye a very subtle look but can still make it pop. I typically use the gel eyeliner on top and an eyeshadow as liner on the bottom lash line it looks much more natural.

Lip Color That Lasts

We have always thought lip- stains dry out but this new one from Revlon doesn't! This natural color "Desire" is complimentary to every skin tone and is that perfect color for every day wear. It has a moisturizing balm in it that will give you those luscious hydrated lips while you're out and about. Best of all, the color stays and you won't be reapplying hour after hour!

There are many long-wear lipsticks as well but you may need to reapply gloss on it during the day to keep it from fading.

Picking any sheer colors like coral, nude, peach and light pink will be compliment your overall look.

Where'd You get Those Beautiful Lashes?

I love Mascara. Mascara can dramatically change the eye. I personally always wear black mascara even during the day. No other color will enhance your eyes, and make your lashes look longer and thicker than black will.

Unless you already have perfect lashes, or false lashes, then a lash curler will give you beautiful lashes and open up yours eyes. I grasp all of my lashes with it, and press and open the curler about 5 times.

Then take your mascara wand, starting at the base of your lashes and wiggle back and forth until the end. Why should you wiggle? Not only does it thicken them, but it makes sure every lash is covered.

Peter Thomas Roth has amazing mascara. It's perfect for anyone and also works with sensitive eyes. You can keep layering on this mascara and it never looks clumpy. It lasts forever and never flakes off like other mascaras. I get asked every single day if my lashes are real and thanks to Mr. Roth I can tell them they are!

Natural Eye Shadows for Day Time

If You MUST Wear Eyeshadow..

Then stick with nude/natural colors during the day. Working in the office with a bold, smoky eye isn't really necessary. Save that for when you go out!

I would suggest using a primer on the eyelid, a lot of people have oily eyelids which makes their shadows crease. That will really be the key to making your shadow last.

Golds, Browns, Pinks, and Taupes are good for day time use and compliment all eye colors.

Highlight your eye by picking a shimmery, white or light pink shade. Take the color and blend underneath the brow bone and then also around the tear duct of your eye. You can stop here if you wish, highlighting alone is nice for an every day look.

Pick a brown, or one of the darker neutral shades out. You can apply a neutral shade all over the lid just to enhance the eyes or you can apply a light shade on the lid and a darker one in the crease. You will need a crease brush to blend your eyeshadow correctly.

If you are using two colors, start at the outer corner of your eye, with the darker shade, and up into the crease and blend back and forth until well blended. Then pat the lighter shade onto the lid.


Concealer is pretty simple. Just stick with a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. Cover any blemishes before you apply foundation. Once all of your make up is applied, use concealer underneath eyes and blend. The reason this is better last is because it highlights the eye best when it goes on last and will make the eye look much brighter!

The Maybelline Illuminate Concealer can work as a highlight because it reflects light. It gives your eyes a bright uplifted look!

So I Have these Products Now What?

Ok now that you have read what is best for daily use here will be your easy application instructions.

1. Put all primers on including eyeshadow primer if using eyeshadow.

2. Conceal pimples and blemishes.

3. Use foundation with brush or sponge, apply evenly, but not heavily, all over face.

4. Use large brush for bronzer covering the areas the sun hits the most which is the upper cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose and the forehead.

4. Pick out the blush that's natural and will enhance the apples on your cheeks. Apply on highest point on the apple and blend up into the cheekbone.

5. Pick out an eye highlighter and 2 neutral eyeshadows. Highlight the eyes underneath brow bone and around tear duct. Use darker shadow in eyes crease and blend using a back and forth motion. Use lighter color on lid where there is no eyeshadow. (you do not necessarily need this step every day.)

6. Apply eyeliner using the angle brush in a short sweep motion or straight line for a liquid eyeliner effect. Use a dark brown eyeshadow to line under eyes for a more natural look.

7. Curl eyelashes using 5 squeezes on eyelash curler. Apply mascara in wiggle motion back and forth. Layer more mascara for fuller, thicker lashes.

8. Apply long lasting lip stain on lips in a nude, light pink or peach color. Do not use lipliner during the day it does not look natural.

9. Apply a translucent setting powder all over skin to insure all makeup stays and to get rid of any extra shine if you wish.

These are simple steps to a beautiful every day look!

Simple Steps to a Natural Look

Natural Eyes

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