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Extending The Life of Your Hair Color

Updated on March 24, 2012

Covering Those Unsightly Roots

There are a million hair products on the market. Most of the experts tell us that there is not a lot of difference between shampoos and other hair products. I find that true in most cases. Occasionally a hair product comes on the market that makes a difference.

How would you feel about a product that extends salon colors and allows that expensive trip to be put off a little longer?

I have had my hair colored, weaved, and double processed for years. When someone is younger, color is usually used to make a dramatic effect, such as pink or purple hair. Or, highlights can bring out someone's skin or eye color. It’s when those first grays appear, that the color more essential. It is not used so much for drama as for a fresh, youthful appearance. If you have lived for a few years, you know that gray hair will not get you attention at a retail counter when all you want to do is to ask a few questions.

Rita Hazan

As I grew older, I found I am the one person in my family that was 90% gray by the time I was 40. I have had great colorists who always manage to work their magic on me. If you have colored your hair in any fashion, you know that coloring hair, even with home treatments, is often a budget breaker.

What happens when those wonderful gray (and white) roots begin to grow out? I rush back to the salon and prepare to be separated by another chunk of my hard earned money.

Grey easily covered

I tried the products that brushes on to touch up the color, but I thought the process was not as quick or as easy as the newest product I have found that extends my color like no other.

With Rita Hazan, the product can be purchased at the store within a day or two of the new color. This helps the sales associate match your fresh color. Is comes in a small can, and may seem pricey, but it goes a long way. I have used my three times and still have enough for at least one more touch-up.

This product is not to be confused with the powder type products that are applied with a make-up brush to the scalp that helps thinning hair look fuller.

Once the color begins to grow out, the salon color will have begun to fade. The little difference between the faded hair and the root spray is enough to give your hair an instant weave or highlighted effect and hides the roots growing in.

Shake the can, pull up a section of hair where you part your hair or where the new growth is the most obvious and spray very lightly and carefully along the root. A very short blast at the root area is all it takes. Also, it washes out completely when the hair is washed. So, if you have picked a color you believe is too dark, it is very correctable.

There is probably nothing worse than going to work or out with friends and know that you don't look your best or feel that everyone is staring at your roots. Worry no more. Help is here.


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      Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

      I saw something like this on a commercial a few days ago, for men or women. Interesting.