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Making the Switch to Dye-Free Hair

Updated on October 28, 2013

Reasons to stop made simple

  • The chemicals
  • The cost
  • Hair health
  • 55% of women don't dye their hair
  • Increased confidence
  • No hair color mistakes
  • Ability to grow hair longer
  • Money to spend on hair health, new clothes, or newfound grocery money

Why Stop?

We should stop dying our hair simply because we do not need to. Sure, it is argued that some hair colors are drab, or lifeless. Perhaps a different color brightens the face. But how much should we value this small change? Unnatural hair color does not define us. It's simply temporary paint.

Focusing on changing our appearance can only take us so far. It becomes a matter of changing anything and everything to create a new person. Why not take this effort and allow ourselves to embrace what we are born with, with all that we have. The most beautiful women are not the most made-up. They do not look stereotypical, and have not created a whole new identity for themselves. They have embraced and brought out the utmost beauty in what they have. They are comfortable in real skin, skin that has but one pure lair. It's not hiding anything. The result is confidence in who they are, and that radiates through them.

Moving forward, the cost is incredible. When I was dying my hair at the salon, the cost was $115 per visit. Most women do this every six weeks. There are other things I'd rather spend my money on, that's for sure! So I decided to eliminate it. I figured by ceasing to dye my hair, I was forcing myself to be confident in my skin and saving a vast amount of cash in the long run. Consider that.

Megan Fox is a prime example of how to work a natural hair color!


This was my starting hair color (dyed)


If you want to feel pampered, and that's why you love dying your hair, have no fear! There are substitutes to make you feel wonderful. Think about giving yourself a gift and getting a deep conditioning treatment. Here are some other options.

  • Take bubble baths
  • Do your nails
  • Do a facial
  • Get a massage
  • Buy expensive lotion for a daily dose of beautiful
  • Shop for complementary make up
  • Ask a family member to play with your hair (like a shampooing at the salon)
  • Buy a good quality dryer or straightener

Remember all the money you're saving. These options are a one time splurge that can help you feel pampered everyday!

Taking the first step: The final dye!

How exciting, Houston-we have a goal! Choose a color to your natural hair color, and dye your hair for the final time. In my case, I was too afraid to go dark (the hair turned pink the last time my hairdresser dyed it brown from blonde), therefore I left my hair blonde and simply stopped dying it. In the months that followed, I felt worse and worse. My hair was obviously two different colors, but lucky for me there was an ombre trend happening. Some people even told me how great my ombre looked when it was braided. This didn't change how I felt about my new hair, and probably wont for you either. But from here on out, you'll feel a huge weight lifted off. No more making appointments. Remember, It may take some getting used to. I've had friends tell me soon after a hair color change that she feels odd and doesn't like the color. Be patient, and in time you will get used to it. With the tips I've listed along this page, you're sure to feel beautiful and gain tremendous benefits from this process.

Bumps in the road

Root Growth If you decided not to do the final dye like me, realize this is a difficult process to get through. Seeing the roots creep down can make a person feel unpolished, but remember-it's only temporary! Depending on how fast your hair grows, before the year is up you will be able to cut the full amount of dyed hair off to make a stylish angled bob. If you decide to grow out your hair, you'll have a beautiful ombre. Trust me, it will blend in by this point.

Missing old color Re-read the reasons for stopping the dying process. This will help you. It's understandable if you miss a hair color you've been using for quite some time. You're most beautiful when the natural you comes out, remember that!

Finding new make-up and clothing to compliment your hair Watch youtube videos, look at hair products, read my side notes! There are stores waiting for you to try on new clothes to compliment your unique color. Get a MAC makeover. You're beautiful!

Hair tutorial from one of my favorite channels

How to have fun with your new hair: Since you haven't been dying your hair, and perhaps investing in hair-healthy items, get ready to learn some fun new hair tricks! Your hair is no doubt growing faster and more beautiful these days-work it! Now is the perfect time to watch tutorials on hair updo's, how-to's, and do not do's! Have fun with it, and admire your hair's newfound luster.

How often do you dye?

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This is my hair now


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    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      Voted up and interesting. I am looking at doing this shortly- and going from lightish blond to natural, almost muddy blonde. You have given some nice tips here! Thanks!


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