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Making Yourself Feel Beautiful

Updated on October 11, 2017
 Making yourself feel beautiful
Making yourself feel beautiful

Making yourself feel beautiful

Beauty is limitless. Making yourself feel beautiful can be done in a limitless aspect, in terms of appearance. People might wonder why I chose to make yourself feel beautiful as a title for this blog post. Well, the reason is not everyone feels beautiful, but there are limitless ways to make yourself feel beautiful, you just have to know how to do it. So how do you go about making yourself feel beautiful? Everyone is different in the way they act their personality nobody is the same as someone else. Which means the way people make themselves look and feel beautiful is completely different than someone else. For example, some people might like to get their hair done once a week to feel beautiful or get their nails done every two weeks. Everyone has limitless things that they do to make themselves feel beautiful and it is never the same for each person because we are all different.

Although that is not all the things that make someone beautiful, that is what some people do. For example, if you work with your hands all day, you aren’t really one to be getting manicures and pedicures every couple of weeks, but what about other things, like getting your hair done, you might want it cut every six weeks and that is what you do. Some people might even go get their eyebrows waxed once a month among other things but that is what that one person likes rather than going to get their nails or their hair was done. If they like it then so be it. Making yourself feel beautiful can be, something limitlessly simple, for example, smiling at someone or just smiling, in general, can make someone feel beautiful.

Feeling beautiful is a state of mind and nobody has the same state of mind as someone else. Everyone has their own ways of feeling beautiful some wear makeup or get their hair and nails done. For example, I know someone who would rather get her nails done once a month, and then she would get her hair done, and I don’t mean just a cut I mean a cut and color. Some people get it done every six weeks, and that is fine if that is what makes you feel beautiful. Has anyone heard someone call someone else high maintenance what do you think that means?

What does being high maintenance mean exactly though? According to the internet dictionary, the definition of high maintenance is requiring a lot of attention, but when describing a person high maintenance means, that the individual is emotionally needy or prone to over-dramatizing a situation to gain attention. For example, some people might need new clothes every three weeks to make themselves feel beautiful, or a new hairdo.

Every person’s version of what makes them feel beautiful is different, so don’t criticize someone if they think that getting their nails done and their hair was done every couple weeks is what they want to do. Maybe that is not what you do, but criticizing someone else won’t help matters. I don’t get my nails done all the time but my sister does and that is what she likes so whatever, I don’t need to be exactly like her to feel beautiful for me. What makes me feel beautiful is getting my eyebrows waxed among other things it makes me feel clean and fresh. That is just me though everyone is different so we should not judge others, although I know we all say that we try not but we all do, it’s just natural. Whatever makes someone else feel beautiful is there purgative and you should let it be something else might make you feel beautiful and not the other person, as I mentioned before everyone is different and we need to always remember that.

What makes us feel beautiful is what we think makes us feel that way it might not necessarily make someone else feel the same way, but nobody is the same so that is okay right? There are limitless things that make people feel beautiful it just depends on what type of person you are and what you think makes you feel beautiful.

For example, what makes me feel beautiful, is having a smile on my face and maybe a little bit of makeup and having my hair done and I don't mean in a salon. I just mean having my hair brushed, for the most part.

Making yourself feel beautiful

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Beauty is what you make it

Beauty is anything that you feel it is. If being all dolled up and dressed to the nines is what makes you feel beautiful then go for it. There are limitless different ways for a person to feel beautiful because we are all different which means everything that we do beauty-wise for ourselves is going to be different. Some people like having, there make-up and hair done all the time, that is what makes them feel beautiful. Some like a certain type of clothing, the list of what makes a person feel beautiful can be limitlessly long and different for each person you talk to.

Beauty is what you make it, which means to make yourself feel beautiful it is what you do in order to feel that way. Wearing your makeup a certain way, for a certain thing can make someone feel beautiful it just depends on the person and what they feel makes them feel beautiful. Which is why beauty can be limitless no matter what it is since it is so different depending on the person.

Beauty and how a person portrays it is what they make it because we are not all beautiful in the same way. Which means we won't portray it in the same way. That is another reason why Beauty is limitless and what we make it. That is how beauty is always going to be.

Is Beauty Limitless?

Making yourself feel beautiful can be limitless because it can change with everything that you do and the way that you feel. Do you think that beauty can be limitless? It can give you a different perspective on what you are working towards depending on where the beauty is. It doesn't always just have to be how a person looks it can be the look of a project or an assignment. It just depends on the person who is doing it and the way that they look at beauty.

Making yourself, feel beautiful? What does that entail? Let's Discuss

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