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Malaysian body wave is absolutely the best type of Remy hair

Updated on August 1, 2016

Did you know that the word “Remy” is derived from the French word “Remettre” which means “put back”? The word Remy today means hair that has not been inverted, it is collected from a human donor and preserved in its original state. Remy hair is said to be the best quality human hair because of the preservation of the cuticles, they appear and blend naturally. The process of preserving the cuticle makes the hair soft, smooth, shiny, and tangle-free. Remy hair can be recognized by feeling the cuticles with your fingers, which is hard to detect and visible to professionals. Remy hair preparation and production require lots of time and skill

Types Of Remy Hair

Remy is a type of virgin hair because it has not been processed by coloring, bleaching, perming or dying. There are different types of Remy hair, and they all have similar features but are slightly different.

Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair comes from Brazil and is known for its texture, full body, and beautiful bounce. It is usually curly and retains curls more when it is wet.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is known for its coarse and thick texture; it can look really full and yet, be very light. It is suitable for dark skins because it blends well with a darker tan.

Indian hair

Indian hair is the thickest of all the hair and is suitable for women who prefer a natural look.

Malaysian hair

I especially love Malaysian hair for its shiny, soft and silky but relaxed texture. The curls do not need to be maintained by sprays or oils because it always bounces back. The curls can remain in place for as long as you desire and always look bouncy and full. It can be modified to fit different styles and comes in a naturally dark color. This hair requires moisture such as a leave-in-conditioner instead of constant washing because of the high density. Malaysian hair has minimal or no shedding at all and can last for a long time with proper care.

Malaysian Virgin Body Wave

Malaysian body wave is a type of Malaysian hair which is sought after by people of different class. This hair is chemical free and can be washed, cut, curled, straightened, or dyed. It never loses its original wave, and moisture or conditioners restore the waves. It can be bought in 100-gram bundles that are 8 inches in length to 30 inches. Three bundles would make a full and bouncy head of hair, although two bundles could do the trick for people who prefer a smaller head of hair. It barely sheds and is devoid of blended or synthetic hair. It is usually graded at 6A or 7A according to the way it was processed. There are different species of Malaysia body wave, below are a few:

  • Malaysian deep wave- this hair is silky and mostly dark because it comes from one single donor. This color is mostly referred to as a natural color because it blends so well with natural hair. The waves are thicker and more pronounced and last very long without any hassle or need for oil.
  • Malaysian loose wave- this hair has slimmer curls and starts from 10 inches. It is usually fuller than the deep wave.
  • Malaysian loose curl- this hair can be straightened and curled again and again.
  • Malaysian water wave- as the name implies, this hair, is curled with water or conditioner.
  • Afro curly- this wave is suitable for persons who love old fashioned afro and is extremely full. Three bundles would look perfect.

Malaysian body wave is more desirable than other human hair because it looks more natural and also lasts longer; it will give you a new and different look. Malaysian hair is also advantageous because it can be modified into different forms, whether straight, curled, permed, cut, dyed, or styled. Human and synthetic hair, on the other hand, cannot always be modified like virgin hair and isn’t durable.


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