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Updated on September 16, 2010

The MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver is a easy and painless way to get rid of back hair in the privacy of your own home.

Mangroomer Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shaver

No man wants back hair.  It's just a fact of life, and some men are blessed with little to no back hair while others look like a shag rug.  And while there are a plethora of other back hair removal options – wax, chemicals, laser treatments; they all are either expensive, have to be done by someone else or both.  This is where the Mangroomer excels.  The simple back hair shaver is designed to be "Do it Yourself" with an adjustable arm that locks in various positions to allow for you easily reach all areas of your back.  It has a large 1.5 inch blade that will safely and painlessly shave your back with minimal irritation.  Also, due to its unique design, the back shaver gets extremely close without the worry of ingrown hairs that are common with straight edge and foil shavers.  Meanwhile, the arm of the mangroomer can extend and open up to a 135 degree angle making it possible to reach any and all locations on your back with a little practice.  The Mangroomer is lightweight and folds up into a tight configuration that makes it easy for transportation and storage. 

Mangroomer Reviews

Sure, it sounds good; shaving your back in the privacy of your own home, by yourself, but the big question is does it work.  We took a look at dozens of reviews across the internet to try and find the good and the bad.  What we discovered is that the ultimate answer is Yes, but there are several potential obstacles that exist before you can get a flawless back.

1. Irritation.  Many people reported initial irritation after shaving their back.  This was attributed to the fact that the skin hadn't ever been shaved before.  Anytime you do something such as shaving for the first time, your skin will get irritated.  Most people found that the irritation went away after the initial use.

2. Awkward Use.  Shaving is hard enough as it is but when you can't see what you're doing it makes it even tougher.  And when you use a 2 mirror system (i.e. looking into a mirror that looks into another mirror behind you) everything is all backwards and it can get frustrating.  One of the best suggestions for this problem is to just go by feel.  When you work based on where you feel the shaving you're more apt to be coordinated and the blade is more likely to be flush which makes cutting better all around.

3. Missing Spots.  It's hard to make sure that you've gotten everything and it's extra frustrating to spend 20 minutes only to find out that you missed a spot.  For this you just have to get used to using it.  One problem that creeps up is that you have a hard time shaving with your non-dominant hand.  You need to use the other hand at some point in order to get everything.  A little bit of practice will make this a non issue.

4. Won't Cut All the Hairs.  This is probably the biggest and most common complaint.  Usually the issue is that the first time around, the Mangroomer has a hard time battling the untended forest.  It's like sending a lawnmower in for a brush-hog's job.  Once you get past the initial hurdle, maintaining a regular routine will make it quicker and easier not to mention less irritation.  Another important factor when shaving (and if you read the manual you'd know this) is that you have to go against the grain.  Mainly back and neck hair grow down, but not always.  Approaching the hair from different angles will ensure a more thorough cut. 

Mangroomer vs. Razorba

Another popular back shaving tool is the Razorba.  This device takes advantage of your everyday straight edge razor (like the Gillete Fusion Mach whatever or other disposable razors) to shave your back.  All you do is insert your disposable razor into the Razorba, lather up your back with shaving cream (optional but helps) and shave your back like you would your face.  The big advantage of the Razorba is that it gets much closer which means you can go longer without having to shave your back.  The downfall is that it is awkward when compared to the Mangroomer to get every spot on your back at every angle.  There are three different Razorba products – the Classic, the Silencer and the War Hammer.  And each model has increased versatility with the War Hammer working with any and all disposable razors.  When comparing the Mangroomer and the Razorba, the Mangroomer wins hands down for ease and function but takes 2nd place when it comes to closeness of shave.

Buy Mangroomer as a Gift

While most men will purchase the Mangroomer for themselves due to modesty, one of the best gifts a man can get is the Mangroomer.  As I stated earlier, no man wants back hair.  Giving your husband or boyfriend a Mangroomer for his Birthday or Christmas (or anytime really) is a tactful way to help him out with his uncertainty in dealing with back hair. 


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