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Mangroomer Private Body Shaver

Updated on October 14, 2010

Receiving higher ratings than the Mangroomer, the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System is a cost effective way to get great body grooming performance that will last for years.

Every guy wants to keep it prim and proper down there but it certainly presents a challenge.  No dude wants to start hacking away with a sharp object like scissors and there's something wrong about using your wife's razor that she shaves her legs with and not telling her (sorry hun).  This where buying a Mangroomer Private Body Shaver saves tons of time and embarrassment. 

The Mangroomer Private Body Shaver is a specially designed electric razor that is meant for grooming all aspects of a man's body (yes, all).  It uses a combination trimmer and foil style razor that you can use to cut both long and short hairs.  It comes with an adjustable guard with 5 settings that allows you to keep as much body hair as you want at whatever length you want.  It can be used wet or dry so you can trim up in the shower if you'd like (just remember to clean the drain out).  And it cleans up like any old electric razor, just open up the foil and rinse everything nice and good.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and a rubberized grip surface to help with the grip in any situation.

Mangroomer Private Shaver Reviews

It sounds good, but we wanted to know how it works.  Having had good success with the Mangroomer Do-it-Yourself Back hair shaver, we took a look at dozens of reviews on the Private Body shaver so see if it matched up.  What we found was surprising. 

The lion's share of the Mangroomer Private reviews were very poor and had a lot of bad things to say.  The number one complaint was that the battery life didn't hold up.  While there was a lot of confusion and conflicting reviews, there were certainly enough to cast some doubt on its performance.  Another big issue was that the blade dulled quickly.  There's nothing worse than going right along trimming up the goods only to have it snag and pull.  Ouch!  It's not looking good for the Mangroomer Private Body Shaver

Mangroomer vs. Norelco BG2030 BodyGrooming System

Seeing as the Mangroomer Body Shaver was such a flop, we decided to take a look at other options, in particular the Norelco BG2030 BodyGrooming System.  The BG2030 is a professional grooming system and is one of the highest rated personal groomers on Amazon (4.5/5 over 130 reviews).  The slight increase in price is more than made up for by the performance of the Norelco groomer.  The two have many of the same features: wet/dry capabilities, multiple hair trimming settings, good for all body areas.  But the Norelco has been designed with quality components and it far exceeds that performance of the Mangroomer.  If you're going to buy a body shaving system, you're better off going with the Norelco.

Body Grooming Gifts

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend, buying a body groomer is a well appreciated gift, no matter what the guy may have said.  No man wants to be unkempt, it's usually just inconvenience or pain avoidance that's holding him back.  Going with something like the Norelco body groomer for a Christmas gift or Birthday gift, is a polite and tactful way to help them out with this sensitive issue (pun intended).


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