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Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Review - Unbleached hair

Updated on December 4, 2013


Manic Panic is a semi-permanent vegan hair dye. Since it is vegan, it doesn't use any harsh chemicals and actually helps condition your hair quite a bit while you are dying it. However, this also means it washes out relatively quickly.

Generally with hair dyes like Manic Panic, you need to bleach your hair first in order to get the full effect and the true color of the dye. This review, however, is a review of me using it on my hair, which is dyed, but unbleached.

My Hair

Keep in mind that all hair is different and results may vary depending on hair type, hair color, and if your hair is dyed or not. Before I used this product, I had dyed my hair with L'Oreal HiColor Sizzling Copper. This dye has lifter in the dye so it lightens your hair color a few shades as it dyes it, however after using this product my hair wasn't quite as copper and red as I wanted it. I also have very fine hair that has a hard time grabbing color from a lot of dyes.


My Process

- I used a hair dye brush to put the dye directly from the jar to my dry hair. Since I didn't bleach my hair, I wanted the color as strong as possible and didn't mix it with any sort of conditioner or anything like that. I have long hair and ended up using the entire jar to thoroughly soak my hair.

- After my hair was coated, I put it all under a shower cap and used a hair dryer to apply heat for about half an hour.

- After I finished with the hair dryer, I continued to let the hair dye sit for another three hours. Since Manic Panic does not use any harsh chemical, you can leave in it your hair for a longer period of time without doing any damage. Some people even recommend leaving the dye in for 8-12 hours so you get best results.

- After about three hours, I rinsed my hair out in cool water and then conditioned me hair with Ion Color Solution conditioner, which helps seal in the color.


- After my hair had fully dried, I noticed that it did look a little bit oranger and a little bit closer to the actual color I was looking for, however it didn't make a huge difference. My hair was only tinted a little bit by the manic panic and it definitely didn't completely change the color or anything like that.

- I wasn't looking for completely orange hair, however I had been hoping it would add a little more color than it did. I feel like it is possible I would have gotten a little more color had I left it in as long as 8-12 hours, but probably not by too much.

- One god thing I noticed was that Manic Panic had left my hair feeling very soft and conditioned, though smelling a little funny.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I don't think I'll be using straight Manic Panic again in order to help tint my hair again. It simply does not quite tint enough to be worth the time, effort, and cost of the product. I also found that when washing you hair, it bled quite a bit and washed out very quickly. I feel unless you want a very light tint or plan on bleaching your hair and leaving the color in for a very long time, I do not recommend Manic Panic for dying your hair.

The plus side is that it doesn't damage your hair, and actually leaves it feeling very conditioned. This is good if you plan on bleaching your hair since bleach is so damaging.

I also use Manic Panic in my conditioner to make a kind of color additive conditioner to help keep the reds in my hair. This helps extend the life of the color as opposed to really adding much color.

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