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Manolo Blahnik Wears Pink 'Womens' Shoes

Updated on October 14, 2010

It's official: men can wear pink shoes.

Manolo Blahnik wore a stunning pair of bright pink loafers with a shiny purple suit to a signing of his book, Manolo's New Shoes and in doing so, revolutionized the world of shoe fashion one more time.

If anyone but Manolo Blahnik had stepped outside his door wearing pink loafers that day, he would no doubt have been suspected of wearing women's clothing, a most egregious crime against traditional masculinity. However, because Manolo is nothing short of a shoe god in modern times, he could step outside wearing two sheep's heads on his feet and probably still be hailed as wearing 'statement shoes'.

(For those not familiar with fashion lingo, 'statement x' is a term in which any item of clothing can be substituted for the x, for example, 'statement hat', 'statement pants', 'statement necklace'. You get the idea.) The statement Manolo made with his bright pink shoes was a strong one however, a man can wear pink and still have the world fawning at his feet.

Now admittedly, this is probably going to be a hard trend to spread. Men's fashion is entrenched in tradition to the point where a new way of tying one's laces is virtually a revolutionary development. However if men seize upon this opening to wear more expressive and indeed, more beautiful footwear, a small chink in the armor of the dour boxiness of male fashion might be made.

Indeed, reporters for the NY Mag noted that Manolo Blahnik was obviously proud of his pink shoes. They note: "Mr. Blahnik seemed pretty eager to show off his pink loafers at the event, hiking up his trousers just so to flash a little sock, too."

Was it really a sock, or was Mr Blahnik wearing a stocking too? We may never know, mostly because pictures of the event are ambiguous. The NY Mag says sock, I say that looks suspiciously like an opaque pair of stockings. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new era of shoe related eccentricity for men. Or perhaps it will merely be written off as a celebrity quirk, much as it was done when Quentin Tarantino revealed his own predilection for women's heels.

At this point in the article, one is reminded of the words of the great bard Eminem: Do you capture the moment, or do you let it slip? Will you allow Mr Blahnik's fashion freedom to trickle into your life and become a river of change for those around you? Or will you cling steadfastly to the twigs of the tried and true? The choice, as always, is yours.


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