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Man's Fashionology !!!

Updated on March 18, 2015

Traditionally, the average man has not flaunted too much in the way of jewelry, keeping things more bourgeois with a watch, ring, and wedding band if married. Earrings were once canvased as sign of rebellion and gold or platinum chains were for the music scene. Those days have come and gone and modern times have brought in an appreciation of jewelry including pendants, rings and bracelets.

Now more men adorn themselves with accessories, whatever may be the occasion formal or casual accessories in wide range are available. Without unpinning your taste and fashion different jewelry spur different ways of embellishment.

Thumb Rules Of Man's Fashion

1. Simplicity Attracts- Start with classic accessories like silver watch,matching tie accessories and cufflinks. Once you’re comfortable wearing these generally accepted pieces, then you can start to introduce other accessories to enhance your simple look in a fashionable way.

2. Prefer Metals

Metallic accessories are man's favorite. Gold and silver tones are the most common. Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time.

  • Gold - is a warmer color it goes well with browns and other earth tones
  • Silver and silver-tone - metals like polished stainless steel or chrome are neutral. Pair silver jewelry with black or dark gray clothing
  • Copper and Bronze - are orange-hued metals. copper-tone jewelry is preferred more on casual outfits,
  • Precious Stones - need to be kept to a minimum. A single color of stone on a ring or a single colored ear stud is the max.
  • Leather – It should be in natural earth-tones, not dyed black, and never with ostentatious metal studs

.3. Understand Jewelry’s Symbolism -Jewelry has meaning.

You can’t ignore this though it takes up only a tiny percent of your visual presentation. Jewelry can always add a helpful bit of color and uniqueness to an outfit.

  • Avoid Ostentatious Styles - Keep anything metallic small and sleek.
  • Wear Meaningful Jewelry - Choose jewelry that’s going to be meaningful within the situation.
  • Know When to Wear It. - Save your best for the big occasions in life. Bring specific pieces out for specific events–instead of everyday wear

Types of Male Jewellery

The jewelry term is always associated with woman; with beauties however today jewelry or accessory has more to do with enhancing overall personality rather than just beautification. There are many items which adds to mans jewelry.Though people usually relate such sunglasses,watches and wedding bands with man ,there are yet many other things which can be added to the cart of man jewelry such as lapel pins,tie accents,belt buckles,cufflinks,studs,chains and earrings too.

Common Fashion Error Which Should Be Avoided

Shirts –

a) It should not be loosely fitting or overly baggy.

b) Avoided too many prints or shades in clothes.

c) Avoid wrinkled clothes.

d) Avoid clothes that are oversized branded and makes you look like a walking advertisement. -

e) Avoid mixing too many prints or pattern together in dress.

f) Undershirt should not be worn as actual shirt.

g) Long dress shirts should always be tucked in.

h) Dark skinned should go for bright colors that match the strength of skin color. If you have very fair skin, lighter colors are most flattering on you


a) Avoid wearing tie on short sleeve shirt; it goes well with full sleeves.

b) Tie should always end at the center of belt buckle.

c) If wearing tie on a casual dress then go for slimmer tie rather than wider one.

Socks & Belt

a) Socks color should be matching your pants color.

b) The length of socks should come up to your calves, so that on crossing legs any part of your leg is not visible.

c) Avoid wearing socks on sandal.


a) A cleaner shoe gives a better impression rather than scratchy, dirty and warped shoes.

b) If shoes are shiny the belt should be shiny too.

c) On sneakers or casual shoes thicker belt is more suitable.

d) Choose slimmer and attractive shoes rather than clunky square toe shoes.

Cologne & Hair

a) Your face is the first thing noticed; there should absolutely be no hair underneath your chin on your neck area.

b) Well groomed people take care that hair on the back of neck are managed well.

c) Avoid overuse/excessive use of cologne as this can be a reason to prevent ladies from coming closer.

d) Avoid experimenting with hairstyles and go for unflattering hairstyles.



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