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Marc Jacobs wearing t-shirt dresses: Pink and see through Black Lace t-shirt dresses by Comme des Garçons

Updated on May 11, 2012
On the left, Marc Jacobs wears a pink t-shirt dress during Paris Fashion Week 2012 and on the right, he wears a black lacy t-shirt dress while attending Met Gala 2012.
On the left, Marc Jacobs wears a pink t-shirt dress during Paris Fashion Week 2012 and on the right, he wears a black lacy t-shirt dress while attending Met Gala 2012.

Marc Jacobs is a designer who is known to push the limits. But has he gone too far this time? He attracted a lot of attention when he wore Comme des Garçons t-shirt dresses to the Paris Fashion Week in March 2012 and at the Met Gala 2012 in May 2012. Both times, Marc made an eerie style statement and wore t-shirt dresses. At the Paris Fashion Week, he wore a pink t-shirt dress while at the Met Gala, he wore a see-through black lace t-shirt dress over white boxers.

This post is a look at fashion which is probably way ahead of its time. Princesswithapen does not believe that these dresses will be an instant hit amongst men. However it is important to remember that most great works of art become iconic and popular after their time.

Marc Jacobs wearing a Pink t-shirt dress by Comme des Garçons
Marc Jacobs wearing a Pink t-shirt dress by Comme des Garçons | Source

Marc Jacobs' Pink T-shirt Dress by Comme des Garçons at the Paris Fashion Week 2012

It's not that Marc Jacobs has never worn or done something that has raised eyebrows. In fact, he wore a similar but black t-shirt dress also by Comme des Garçons at Louis Vuitton's Fall 2012 show the same day he paraded out in the pink one.

Attending Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition, he wore an upper body hugging pink t-shirt dress by Comme des Garçons. He carried a scruffy look with a beard, his trademark hair and the tattoos on his arms. This tough guy look was a strong contrast to the feminine look of the dress as it tapered down right to his knees. He completed the look by carrying a black clutch, black pilgrim-buckle shoes and deliberately visible black socks. The buckle shoes were from his own collection.

Did Marc Jacobs' pink t-shirt dress look good?

Marc Jacobs nearly pulled off the pink t-shirt dress in style. The tattoos on his ripped arms were a stark contrast to the pink girly appeal of the dress. As the dress tapered down below his waist, it nearly assumed an hourglass shape, had Marc not maintained a manly posture. The dress ended abruptly and in display were Marc's hairy legs, followed by black socks. Overall, this dress might have made the headlines, but it didn't match the oomph and style generally associated with anything with a Marc Jacobs logo on it. Unfortunately, it got a thumbs down form most audiences.

Marc Jacobs wearing a sheer black lace t-shirt dress by Comme des Garçons
Marc Jacobs wearing a sheer black lace t-shirt dress by Comme des Garçons

Marc Jacobs' Black Lace T-shirt Dress by Comme des Garçons at the Paris Fashion Week 2012

In an attempt to redeem himself from the previous faux pas, a glowing Marc Jacobs made his way to the Met Gala 2012 in a see through black lace t-shirt dress, also by Comme des Garçons. The jet black t-shirt collar was shut tight while the blaring white buttons made for a pleasing visual touch. The see through dress had an intricate lace pattern and it also sported a pocket on the left. Again, Marc held a manly pose and had a black clutch in his right hand, slightly away from the body.

Under the see through dress, Marc wore white boxers and completed the look with high socks and the same pilgrim-buckle shoes that he wore with the pink t-shirt dress.

Did Marc Jacobs' black lace t-shirt dress look good?

Unlike the pink one, Marc Jacobs' black lace t-shirt dress had a charismatic touch to it. For starters, it did not taper off into an hourglass shape. Secondly, there were many visual elements working at once, including the white buttons, the pocket and the contrasting white boxers. The entire look went well with his black-grey-white beard and his toned physique held up well. This one received a thumbs up.

Battle of the t-shirt dresses: Which is better?

Without a doubt, the see through black lace dress scored over the pink t-shirt dress. There were many visual elements that worked together and blended in quite well. On the other hand, the pink t-shirt dress was very feminine and didn't quite live up to Marc's usual panache. Marc has a wonderfully ripped body but he is not bulky. The upper body hugging pink dress didn't do justice to his body nor the great posture he usually carries all the time.


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    • sen.sush23 profile image


      6 years ago from Kolkata, India

      To me too, the black lace T-shirt appeals more than the Pink-nanny dress. Besides Marc's legs and body have the non-hairy look that is going with the metro-sexual chic of the black dress. Talking of fashion, I think the lacy, see through T-shirts, if they don't turn out as dresses, already are being donned by the confident male wanting to high-light his toned physique! Up.


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