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Mary Kay Cosmetics For Men

Updated on April 12, 2011

Mary Kay has long been a fairly trusted name in cosmetics for ladies, indeed, selling Mary Kay has supplemented the incomes of many ladies who have a passion for cosmetics and a neighborhood to sell to. For all that time, some men have enviously looked on, wishing that they had some kind of skin care that didn't involve exfoliating their pores with a high speed sanding belt.

Men's Mary Kay now exists, it's just a little unfortunate that Mary Kay seems to be falling over itself with embarrassment in this range and feels the need to constantly reassure its target range that they'll still be men after they use moisturizer.

In fact, when it comes to their men's range, Mary Kay chooses to truncate its name entirely, instead referring to itself as 'MKMen'. Because clearly, no man's self image could stand up to using a product with the word 'Mary' in the name.

In addition to slapping all the femininity out of their brand, Mary Kay has taken their range deep into the realms of masculinity by making every single product a dull razor blade gray color, which focus groups probably told them appeared masculine, but which in reality makes everything seem rather dour and miserable before one even starts.

The complete Mary Kay range for men includes:

The MK Men Face Bar

Basically a block of soap that possibly has some exfoliants in it (though I'm merely surmising that based on their claim that it cleans and buffs skin, which is usually beauty speak for 'we put something gritty in it.)

I find it interesting that Mary Kay has managed to man-ify a piece of soap to the point where it actually makes standard white soap look effeminate. Good work Mary Kay, and the color steel gray.

The MK Men Shave Foam


MK Men Cooling After-Shave Gel

Cooling and boring.

MK Men Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 25

Moisturizing and boring.

MK Men Body Spray

This is the blurb from Mary Kay's own site: Every knight in shining armor could soften up that rough exterior a bit. It’s amazing what a new scent can do. MK Men® Body Spray is so refreshing a man can use it all over his body any time of the day – at home, at the office or at the gym. So no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he can always feel like he can conquer the world.

Translation: It is totally manly to use body spray. Manly manly manly. You are a man. This body spray is so masculine it will create a harem of its own out of your wife's beauty of products. We take no responsibility for dragons slain during the use of our incredibly condescending product.


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