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Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set Product Review

Updated on February 5, 2015

My Little Miracle!

Use 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night!
Use 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night! | Source

I recently reviewed the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set. A fellow Hubber recommended I try the Timewise Miracle Set. I already have this set as well so I figured I would review it for you! Mary Kay's Website claims "The set offers 11 age-defying benefits in one skin care regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, energize, hydrate, smooth, firm, soften, protect, rebuild and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. And it even works with sensitive skin." The Timewise Miracle set comes with four different products.

Step 1 Cleanse- The first product in the set is the cleanser which is customized to your particular skin. You can choose the Combination to Oil or Normal to Dry. I tried both formulas for this review Combination to oil is a foaming gel that has tiny little scrubbing beads. The cleanser removes all makeup easily and the scrubby beads help exfoliate the dead skin, it also has a toner added, hence the "3 in 1 cleanser." The first thing I noticed was my skin again felt very "calm," there as no tightness or burning sensation after I cleansed my skin. There was also a bit of a "cooling" effect and my skin felt extremely soft! The cleanser rinsed away easily and did not burn my eyes like some other products do. I really like the foaming action a lot. The next day I tried the formulation for Normal to Dry skin. The difference in this product is it is a pink gritty cleanser and it does not foam. I gently cleansed my skin and noticed the exfoliation more then in the foaming cleanser. This product rinsed very easily and left my face feeling moisturized. I totally recommend it for dry skin. I tend to be more of a combination/oil gal so this may not be the right fit for me. Mary Kay has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee so you can find the right mix of products for you.

Step 2 Protect- After you cleanse your skin the next step is either the Timewise anti-aging night solution or the Time Wise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25. This step is very important The day solution gives your skin protection from UVB and UVA rays. It had no noticeable smell which I really liked and it was very lightweight NOT GREASY! The second step is for all skin types. The night solution was so very nice. It is a light gel with tiny little beads inside. The website says they contain vitamins that renew your skin while you sleep. I like the fact that this product is in a closed dispenser and not a jar. Less messy! Plus I read somewhere that vitamins are not shelf stable and will go rancid if they make contact with the air. (I have some pricey jars of useless skincare products! grrr!) anyway on to step 3!

Step 3 Moisturize- The moisturizers are also customized to your skin type. Here is the description about the moisturizer. "This emollient-rich lotion combines the action of 10 hours of hydration and a patented complex to accelerate the skin's natural renewel process, revealing firmer, smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Choose the formula for your particular skin type. Keep in mind that a good moisturizer is not going to add oil to your skin. I know I was concerned about that. This moisturizer (I used the normal to dry formula for the review) did not make my skin feel greasy. It absorbed quickly and felt soothing.

The entire 3 step process took about four minutes from start to finish. My skin felt clean but not tight. Mary Kay recommends using all of the products together and the Miracle Set costs $90. Not bad if you consider a new outfit for a party costs at least that much and you will only wear it once or twice! This set will last about 3-4 months. Also some companies charge that amount just for the cleanser! I also got a bunch of free samples with my order and a gift with purchase just like the department stores. You can order the set online at with free shipping which is pretty cool. Enjoy!

Each Night You Don't Cleanse Your Skin Ages You 14 Days

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    • profile image

      marykay90 5 years ago

      I live it I been using it for 4 years I now sell the product so others can also enjoy the wonderful skin care this product provides.

      I use the miracle set and I am so impressed of how beautiful my asking looks and feels, as a Nightshift nurse for 15 years now I have to say I've been told I look younger than my age. Im a happy customer and now a happy beauty consultant.

    • Healthy Fat Guy profile image

      Healthy Fat Guy 6 years ago from Cincinnati, OH

      My sister used to be a Mary Kay consultant, she always got great feedback on their products.