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Mary Helen's 3 in 1 Herbal Mineral Bath Salts

Updated on November 8, 2012
They tell stories about the past.
They tell stories about the past.
They tell stories about alternative medicine.
They tell stories about alternative medicine.

Our Elders Our Storytellers.

I love our elders don't you? They are the best storytellers ever. All the way from the beginning of time, things were experienced, seen, shared, done and it was written in some form to carry the message. And if it was not written it was passed down from word of mouth by our elders, until someone was able to write it down. Anyway, our elders have experienced, seen, shared and have done many things in their days . They learned from their parents and ancestors, so that makes them a lot more experienced then myself, that's for sure.

They share stories of how their ancestors came about to be in this country, or maybe they were already here and were invaded by another neighboring city or country. The stories they share is an amazing part of history, even though its not written in the books. But it's true and it did happen. Elders have a lot to tell if you give them the time to tell it. They are living proof of a part of history. Don't let that history die when they die. What a shame that would be.

For me the true shame is how some of our "Storytellers" who were once young and able to work and care for others as well as their own family have no other alternative but to allow other to do for them, for what they cannot do for themselves. I'm talking about them resorting to a nursing/rehab facility when there is no other alternative. They ar either withering due to old age, or a sad misfortune happened. These folks are soon forgotten, leaving them only the whispers of some memories from the past. For the days come and goes, and the distance from them having some quality time fades.

Why is this article here? Well like I said, I love out elders, I too have lived in those walls for months at a time with no visitors. So I have seen with wide opened eyes the reality of what goes on in there. As a Christian I pray to be of service daily, it helps keep my own sanity, and got me out quicker. I was sick mind you, but not as sick as most of them. So I would make it a point to befriend everyone I could. They always enjoyed my visit. I thought what a wonderful way to be of service. I can still use my legs, arms and head, I can get them some water, a blanket, whatever. I can take the time to listen to their usually very interesting stories. So I learned I was not the first female to do a mans job back in the 70's. lol. I truly can say I have met some very interesting folks. From Doctors and laywers, to Susie Home-makers, and drug addicts. It doesn't matter, I love them all. Now the second question is. How can I help?

I love herbal therapy and have been working with it since 1970's. I still believe in it strongly it so it must say something for itself. I've created for myself and friends, "Mary Helen's 3 in 1 Invigorating Mineral Salts for the bath. It has Invigorating herbs for herbal therapy. Also I have included a variety of minerals salts, for mineral therapy, And Yes the aroma of the fragrant lavender flowers I have chosen is for aroma therapy. So healing for the body as well as the soul. It feels like a real Ocean fresh experience. Very invigorating indeed. Again, how can I be of service?

I want to donate to local nursing/rehabilitation homes my mineral salts to the facilites with rehabilitation departments (so the patient can get the proper help for the bath). It would be one box sold, one bath donated. I'm not trying to get richer in life, just in spirit. I'm looking forward to learn more on life with actual true stories told by our "Storytellers". After all, they too were once young and in love. They danced in the moonlight, and were full of dreams. They too had high hopes and some did, see, or hear things. I'm sure they could point out some do's and don't do's. In my books, no one is too old for love. We are all Gods children. Anyway their vote still counts, and so does their memories, and their stories. Lets just say yes, and do it with a smile.:))

Thank You, and many blessings:))


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