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Masculine Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

Some men in lingerie don't want to be feminine, they just like the sensation of the smooth fabrics, and perhaps even resent the societal inequality which dictates that delicate fabrics are solely for women. Fortunately for men who prefer not to wear boxers or briefs, but don't want to put a pair of women's panties on, there are other options.

Silk Boxers

Probably the most logical first step for a man who wants to wear silk lingerie is boxers There are a wide range of satin and silk boxers on the market, and if anything, seeing a man wearing silk boxers is a turn on for even the most conservative woman. Silk boxers speak to style, elegance, and taste, and they're also something cute she can slip into when she stays over and forgets a change of clothes. (Yeah, for some reason the same women who would flip if they saw you in their panties and bra often think its cute and sweet when they put your boxers and shirt on - go figure)


Mansilk is a brand designed to make macho men feel better about the fact that they're wearing soft, silky sheer materials that gently caress the skin. They make a wide range of masculine lingerie in a range of styles which range from loose boxers to silk knit thongs which use feminine materials to create masculine style underwear. The mansilk range includes boxer shorts, boxer briefs (tighter fitting underwear cut like boxers, but with a tighter fit), pouches, briefs and thongs. Mansilk is a commercially viable brand which demonstrates clearly that the demand for mens lingerie is growing, as is acceptance that a man can wear something other than cotton under his pants and still be a man.


Those who want to step a little further into the realm of lacy sweetness can check out the range available at, or Both these sites make lingerie for men in styles ranging from the traditionally masculine to the effeminate. They're also both great places to go if you have any special desires, or would like custom lingerie made to your own specifications.

Whilst it can be fun wearing women's lingerie, sometimes a man likes to wear his own panties. There can also be problems for men in getting lingerie in the right size, especially if a man is on the larger side. It's not just the smaller chaps who like to wear lingerie, big blokes often do as well, and finding sensual materials in plus plus sizes is a challenge at the best of times. Sourcing mens lingerie direct from suppliers who cater directly to and for men is an excellent way to find lingerie you'll love in sizes that will actually fit.


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