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Matahari Diamond Diva Tanning Lotion Review

Updated on February 16, 2012

I am by birth a very pale white girl. Without working on a base tan first, I instantly turn into a tomato in the sun, so right before summer I always head to the tanning salon to go for a few sessions and work up a starter tan to get my skin ready for summer.

The Matahari tanning lotion Diva line are top notch. I have used the Diamond Diva Step 1 designer tanning lotion as well as the Golden Diva Step 2 Dark Triple Bronzer. The Diamond Diva is an awesome first tanning lotion for anyone looking to build a base tan and get even, beautiful sun kissed color.

The lotion also smells beautiful like cherry almond. You can leave it on all day after tanning on your lunch break or in the morning and still smell like your just wearing a beautiful scented lotion.

Diamond Diva
Diamond Diva

My Experience With Diamond Diva

I started with Matahari Diamond Diva last summer to work on my base tan and was very pleased with the results. I hadn't tanned since the summer before and the color of my skin to start was as pale as possible. I used this tanning lotion and after just a handful of uses there was actually some color in my skin.

The Diamond Diva promotes gives gradual natural looking color. After about 3 weeks of tanning every 3 days I had an awesome start to my color. It look like I spent the summer in the sun but wasn't so dark to look as If all I did was tan the whole time. Towards the end of the summer I switched to the Golden Diva to get an even richer darker bronzed color.

Matahari Diamond Diva

  • This tanning lotion is a anti-aging cream that also delivers firming agents to the skin. It contains real crushed diamonds, also known as Diamond Dust to stimulate the skin and help promote a vibrant beautiful glow.
  • With Q10-infused firming agents and anti-aging forumla the skin retains a look of younger beauty, longer.
  • Also in this formula are light reflective pigments to emphasize the good and down play the imperfections.
  • This Matahari lotion contains VitatanĀ® 2000 which brings to the skin essential ingredients that will promote a sexy, sunkissed golden base tan.

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      Abby 6 years ago

      Love it!!

      To the point, articulate, and interesting.

      This is great information!