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Matahari Golden Diva Tanning Lotion Review

Updated on May 28, 2012

Indoor tanning lotion isn't just a moisturizer, tanning lotions meant for use in tanning salons have ingredients that help the skin to begin tanning much faster.

I am an infrequent indoor tanner. My natural skin tone is very very pale white. The picture on top right is a pre tan picture to give you an idea. So right before summer, usually late April or May I start doing a few medium pressure indoor tans on the tanning bed to develop a natural sun kissed looking tan and just recently I've started doing occasional using mystic tanning for a quick temporary tan.  I prefer to tan as little as possible because even though I love tanning, the warmth of the lamps, the happy feeling afterwards from the Vitamin D, and of course the look that it gives, I do care about my skin.

Matahari Golden Diva Tanning Lotion

I started with the Matahari Diamond Diva Step 1 when I first found the Matahari tanning lotion Diva line of designer tanning lotions. This is my favorite smelling tanning creme but once I made a base tan, I loved on to the level 2 bronzer, Matahari Golden Diva Tanning Lotion which sweet smell reminds me of hanging out all day in the summer with friends when I was younger. Almost a bubble gum smell.

It's April now, and I've been going for that natural bronzed look again. I always use the medium pressure 12 minute tan beds. I didn't start with the Diamond Diva level 1 this time. I love the quick effects that the Matahari Tanning Lotion Golden Diva gives and went straight for the level 2 lotion. The second time I used it I could see the level of color that took me many more trys last summer with just the level 1. It was at tan 4 that I had the results I was looking for. Tan's 5 and 6 were just because I like the feel of the heat in the bed. Seattle is still cold in the spring =)

Now my color is awesome and as of writing this, it isn't even May yet. I totally feel that the Golden Diva is the best tanning lotion. My tanning salon changed names from Desert Sun and was purchased by Seattle Sun Tan. They no longer carry the Matahari tanning lotion but I will definitely be buying a new one very soon to maintain my color, which I will continue to do just 2 or 3 times a month.

The Golden Diva creme leaves a light sparkle on the skin after using and the smell is light and pleasant, lasting all day.

For a cool body art effect, tanning stickers work great with Matahari tanning lotions. You can really see the difference when you apply tanning lotion all over and the tanning sticker leaves just a small pale patch of skin in the shape of the tanning sticker.

Matahari Golden Diva Tanning Lotion Ingredients

  • Golden Diva gives a quicker, intense but natural looking darker color thanks to the Dark Triple Bronzextend
  • For a perfect even skin tone, the mineral Liquid Gold is included which also enhances radiance
  • contains Skinsense, which is a skin firming agent that is Q10-infused for anti-aging.
  • To intensify the bronzed tan look, it contains Cu02 and TRF2000 which are contain essential fatty acids and purified copper.

Sample Other Quality Designer Tanning Lotions

Not ready to jump in bed with the Matahari line of designer tan lotions? Thanks to the power of Ebay you can try out different tanning lotions and creams until you find your perfect mate.

Grab 10 assorted sample tanning packets and try them out. It's a cheap way to test drive the hot scents that are available now and then you can splurge for the full size bottle.

Searching for indoor tanning tips?


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