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Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family

Updated on July 5, 2013

Where to get Matching Pajamas for the Family

There are many choices. As you can see from this article there are many places to to purchase them. I did find Pajamagram to be an excellent source of matching pajamas even for the dog in your family.

Sometimes it is easier to make the matching pajamas for your family to ensure the correct sizing and matching fabric for each person.

Footed pajamas are very popular and can be found for young and old alike.

Matching Pajamas make excellent Christmas presents for all of the families on your Christmas list. If you start purchasing them now you can break up the cost of everyone over a period of time and stay clear of the Christmas rush come December.

Make your own PJ Pants


As you can see by both the ads and video there are many choices when picking out matching Pajamas. Some traditional, some goofy and some just plain comfy.

As a Mom I think this is a great tradition to get into, especially for that one present that we all get to open Christmas Eve. Then we sleep in them and open presents the next morning. So even though your hair and makeup are a mess your Pjs look amazing.

Oh and I think it is just as much fun to have mismatched Jammies. Buying each person in the family something that coordinates with what their interests are... Cherries for me, Volleyball for my oldest daughter, Spongebob for my youngest daughter and Raiders for my husband.

Have fun with it and make it a new tradition in your family.

Does your Family buy Matching PJs?

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