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Matte Make Up Look : For Eyes, Face & Lips

Updated on May 1, 2017

Matte make up was used by women of 1950s. This makeup helps to make your skin look pore-less. This look is ideal for photos and gives a great look if your skin is oily. The models had flawless skin. A dewy make up gives you shiny finish but to achieve porcelain finish matte make up is the perfect solution. The basic problem arises with ladies with oily skin is that no matter how much expensive makeup you use but after some time the oil starts seeping out and your make up starts fading. Thus, the oily skin needs repeated touch ups to control the oil seeping out of the skin pores. So, replacing this make up with matte make up look helps in getting porcelain finish and which doesn't require repeated touch ups.

The matte make up look was the secret of professional make up artist for many years but now it is decoded and you can try this matte make up look all by yourself just by following right step and technique. The benefits of using this make up look is that excessive oil can be controlled and thus making your face appear fresh and flawless all the day long.

Steps to apply Matte make up:-

  • Prepare the skin for matte make up:- For any make up. the primary step is to clean the skin and moisturize it so that it can properly hold the make up otherwise it will not hold the make up naturally which can spoil the whole look. Moisturizing the skin is important, so that make up should look even and does not flake. Wash your face using a gentle cleanser. After that choose a moisturizer according to your skin type (for oily skin use oil free moisturizer and for fine lines and wrinkles use anti aging moisturizer).

  • Exfoliation:- To get the perfect matte make up look exfoliation is necessary. As exfoliation reduces oil and prepares face for matte make up but exfoliating too much can irritate the skin. Pick an exfoliator which is oil free.
  1. Wet your face with luke warm water then use exfoliator on face in circular motion.
  2. Wash the face with water.

  • Toning:- After exfoliating, Toner is used. It helps to balance the skin's PH level and reduce the amount of oil on your skin. So it is a good way to achieve the matte look.
  1. Cotton ball is used to apply toner on the skin without rubbing it.
  2. Allow the toner to dry off completely before moisturizer is applied.

  • Moisturizing:- A proper moisturizer is essential for all skin types whether it is oily skin, moisturizer is needed to avoid any flake or uneven finish. After applying the moisturizer, wait for 5 minutes to let it absorb in the skin.

  • Apply Matte Foundation and Concealer:- Now the skin is perfectly ready to hold up the make up.
  1. Apply Foundation:- You can use normal foundation, BB cream or special matte formula foundation. Make sure that color matches your skin tone and improves your looks. Use make up brush or sponge to blend the foundation properly all over the face.
  2. Apply Concealer and highlighter:- Use highlighter under your eyes and then apply some concealer. Blend the highlighter well before applying concealer and then after applying concealer blend it well also. If you want to hide some dark spot or blemish then you can apply concealer and blend it.
  3. Use some setting powder:- Apply setting powder to complete the foundation look. Choose that color which provides matte effect and blend it all over the face. The face will look shiny and even.

  • Apply Matte Eye Shadow and Liner:-
  1. Apply Neutral color to your lids and crease:- For matte look, first you need to apply matte neutral color to eye lids and crease. Use a fluffy brush to apply few layers of light brown color as this color would be some shades darker than your skin tone. Don't use shimmery colors.
  2. Blend a darker color to your crease:- Now we need darker color to highlight our eyes a little bit. This color is also matte as well. Apply 2-3 crease of this color and should be darker than the color applied before.
  3. Black Eye shadow for outer lids:- To highlight your eyes apply black eye shadow to your eye lids. But again it should be kept in mind that it should be matte balck eye shadow and nothing of shimmery type.
  4. Line up your eyes with Black Liquid liner:- Apply black liquid liner on the upper eye lids and it should be a matte eye liner.

  • Add Matte Finishing Touches:-
  1. Fill in your Eyebrows:- Filling in the eye brows will make the look more polished and eye catching. Use matte brow powder for filling and try to spread evenly. After that you can use eye brow mascara to keep eye brow hair in place.
  2. Apply False Eye brows (optional) :- Choose a set of eye lashes to add more looks. Apply mascara to lower lashes if you want.
  3. Highlight your Brow Bone and Inner eyes:- To give perfect finish add highlighter to your brow bone and also on the inner corner of lower eye lid as well. Adding highlighter will add some shimmer to your face but precise.
  4. Add Matte color to your cheeks :- Use a powder based blush either pink or peach color to your cheek bone to highlight them. But don't apply too much because eyes are the centre of attraction for this type of make up.
  5. Apply a Matte Lipstick:- Now its time for lips to add some colors to them. Use your favorite color like red or nude according to your preference. You can use lip pencil to avoid lipstick from bleeding and spread the lipstick evenly.


So, ladies you have matte make up look on. This make up is expected to stay long than any other make up. If you are going out and it is hot and humid weather then keep tissue papers and mattifying powder in your carry bag for touch ups if your face starts looking shiny due to hot and humid conditions.

Keep glowing and keep enjoying.


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