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Buy Maui Jim Sunglasses Online

Updated on October 26, 2010


I've never been a big fan of buying expensive sunglasses. I've always bought the cheapo sunglasses from Kohls or Wal*Mart, and I've always been fairly pleased with them. I mean, my favorite pair of sunglasses was a $15 pair that I bought at Kohls, and my second favorite pair was a $30 pair that I bought at a booth at a local mall.

What I wasn't aware of, and what I never cared to look into, were designer sunglasses.

I mean, in all reality a pair of sunglasses is the same as any other pair of sunglasses. Right?


My boyfriend introduced me to Maui Jim sunglasses the first year we started dating. He didn't have a pair, but had always looked at the same pair every time we went somewhere that had a Sunglass Hut store. He never bought any because of the price.

Well, on his birthday this yeart, I was tired of him talking and looking but never buying. I bought him a pair of Maui Jim Honolua Bay sunglasses. They are flexible so that when he sits down, he won't break them. They are lightweight; they are polarized; and they have a rabalon nose grip (which helps keep comfort in check). 

Maui Jim Honolua Bay
Maui Jim Honolua Bay

I paid $300 for just the sunglasses, and I added the insurance to have them replaced at any time for any reason... It was a good birthday for my boyfriend, but not for my wallet.

The sunglasses were and still are worth the price that I paid. My boyfriend has been very pleased with his Maui Jim sunglasses, mostly because they are so lightweight yet they won't fall off his head with many movement.

Would either of us recommend them to others? Yes. His step-mom is actually contemplating her first pair, as am I.

Maui Jim sunglasses come in styles for both men and women. You'll find them in different color tints and shapes to match any and all face shapes and complexions. No matter what you're looking for, Maui Jim will have a better version.

The problem that you may have is the price, which is where the internet comes in handy. You don't have to go to a Sunglass Hut to buy Maui Jim sunglasses, nor do you have to go to the official website.

eBay is a great place to find discount Maui Jim sunglasses.


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