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Maybelline and Dior BB Cream Comparison

Updated on March 26, 2013

What is a BB Cream?

BB creams actually originated in Asia, where they developed this 'beauty balm' for patients after surgery. Marketed to help heal their skin, protect it, and provide anti-aging benefits, all the while giving a light coverage all over the skin. Since they emerged in the Eastern world, many people in Asia now wear it daily even if they'd never had cosmetic surgery. Etude House and Missha BB creams are two popular brands in Asia. They both have only a few shade selections and generally run light and slightly grey. However, as BB Creams have made their way into America and other western countries, the brands over in this hemisphere have begun to manufacture their own BB Creams to market. The concept of them has also changed with their migration here to the western world. Usually BB Creams are marketed to have such wonderful properties like protection and making your skin glow, but I've found that most of them just seem like a sub par tinted moisturizer. That said, there are still a few good ones out there worth checking out.

Maybelline on Left, Dior on Right
Maybelline on Left, Dior on Right
Maybeliine on Left, Dior on Right
Maybeliine on Left, Dior on Right

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier Miracle Skin Protector BB Cream

This BB Cream is quite common in drug stores. If you're just starting out checking out BB Creams, this would be a good place to start. It can be tricky to find in certain stores though. Some don't carry the product and some will lump it into the skin care section so it won't be found in the makeup aisle. It comes in two shades, so if you're super fair even the light shade may not work for you. The range isn't super huge, it's mostly targeted towards medium to tan people, but even with darker skin, it should work because the light tint will not drastically change your skin tone. (I wear the medium dark shade and am currently a NC30 in MAC) The Garnier BB cream definitely gives light coverage and tons of moisture. On Garnier's website, it claims that the product will "even tone, hydrate, renew, protect, and brighten skin." Now that is quite a few claims for such a product, and it's impossible to measure some of them. There is however, some coverage. It is enough if you have no major issues with your skin, but for those suffering from acne scarring or things like that, this will not do the trick. The Garnier BB Cream is also super hydrating. It would be perfect for someone with dry to normal skin, but if you are combination to oily make sure to set it with a powder and blot throughout the day.

Dior BB Cream

Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream

This BB Cream is definitely a bit more spendy. But let me tell you, from what I've experienced, it's completely worth it! If you have the extra splurge money, you must try this BB Cream. It comes in 4 shade: Fair, Light, Medium, and Dark, so this BB Cream will cater to more skin tones than the Garnier one. (I wear the Light shade). You can find this product at some Sephora stores, if there is one near you. On Sephora's website, Dior claims that this BB Cream has "a blend of antioxidants, it moisturizes, smooths, protects, and corrects." This BB Cream has a bit more coverage than the Garnier one. I'd say it's almost a mix between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation's coverage. So Why did I say that this one is worth the extra money? This BB Cream leaves your skin feeling like skin! It's so lightweight you don't even know it's there. After it sets into your skin, there is no stickiness, no oil, nothing. It's so satiny and soft. If my skin would feel like this naturally, I'd be ecstatic. Even when you take off this BB Cream at night, your skin continues to feel gorgeous and soft. I don't really know what makes it feel that way, but I have a feeling it's the antioxidants in the product. The wear time on the Dior BB Cream is great! I wear this from 6am when I get ready for school, to the gym after school, and take it off around 8pm. For some reason, even with the heavy sweating that occurs at the gym, this BB Cream don't look worse, in fact, I'd say it looks even better. Crazy, I know. Another plus is that this foundation would be great for all skin types. I have oily skin, and it keeps me from looking like a frying pan at the end of the day. But on the other hand, it doesn't feel drying whatsoever $6. My skin still feels moisturized even though I'm not getting oily.

So whether you are a religious user of BB Creams, or this is your first time trying them, these are two great options to begin with. It important to find a BB Cream or foundation that works well with your skin type. Depending on what your skin prefers, one of these BB creams may suit you or maybe neither of them do. There are plenty more out there, and I'll admit I haven't tried every last one yet. If you think there's one that's even better, let me know in the comments so I can check it out!


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      Jamie 4 years ago

      I just received a free sample of

      Maybelline Mascara:

    • Rats1004 profile image

      Rats1004 4 years ago

      i love the bb creame it's a daily makeup for me :) very soft n it mix with your skin so perfectly