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Have You Tried Maybelline’s Pink Alert Lipsticks by Color Sensational? Here’s Why You Should.

Updated on February 20, 2014
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Before I begin my hub, let me make a confession. In my younger days, I was never a fan of the color pink. Yes, I would cringe with embarrassment if my mother fixed up a bright pink bow on my head or scowl in indignation if my father suggested I buy a pink blanket and my brother, a blue one.

Then I entered my teens. No, still not a fan of pink.

Then I entered my twenties. Ah! The transformation happened here. Not that I metamorphosed into a pink-loving, gossip-craving, girly girl or anything, but I started to experiment with fashion and really look at what people around me were wearing. That’s when I spotted it! Bubblegum pink lipstick on a plain face, paired with a jet black lacy top, light blue denims and black stilettos. And I thought, wow! I could wear that. Simple, chic and yet so sexy. From then began my passionate relationship with the color pink, and particularly, bright pink lipsticks and nail colors.

The latest product that caught my eye and made my loosen my purse strings, yet again, is Maybelline’s Pink Alert Lipsticks from the Color Sensational Range.

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Image Courtesy:

Product details:

Here’s a bit about the product. Maybelline’s Pink Alert lipsticks come in 4 attractive shades. When I seen the colors available, I was surprised that there could be so many varieties in pink, and each shade is just as attractive and wearable as the next!

POW 1: Neon bubblegum pink lipstick with a hint of a purple undertone

POW 2: Has a deep, hot pink color that will suit most skin tones

POW3: Blue-based, neon pink lipstick which is brighter that the POW1 shade

POW4: Coral pink lipstick with a mild, neon twist

As per the Maybelline website, The Pink Alert Lipsticks have vivid color pigments, a creamier feel and are enriched with honey nectar.

You can take a look at the product here:

Why I Fell In Love With It:

I am the contented owner of 2 shades from this range, POW3 and POW4. The first thing I noticed when I applied these lipsticks was their creamy texture. They really feel soft on the lips and glide on smoothly when applied.

The next thing I noticed was the glossy sheen they gave my lips, which is just right and very beautiful. With these lipsticks, I didn’t have to apply a lip gloss. The lipstick itself had a moisturizing effect.

Another good thing about these lipsticks is their long-staying, rich color pigments. The first swipe of lipstick imparted visible color to my lips. With two swipes, I was done. I’ve worn these lipsticks to work and, as it is at work, didn’t get time to do any touch-ups. But, to my great delight, the color did not fade for a good 6 – 7 hours.

I love both these shades as they have a bright, peppy color. The best part is that they really spice up your outfit. I’ve worn these shades with simple, self-colored tops and yet, they make my look appear trendy and fun!

The price too is extremely affordable. Priced at Rs. 375, these lipsticks pack in a lot of advantages and factors to talk about. I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the other 2 shades! (Too many pink lipsticks for me!)

Pink lipstick looks:

Pink lipstick is so versatile, you can wear it in a million different ways! Whether you choose to go sultry, sophisticated or simple and sweet, pink lipstick definitely adds a ‘wow factor’ to your look. Experiment with hairstyles as per the shade you choose. For e.g. with the sweet, coral pink shade, you could set your hair to form natural, flowing waves. With the bright bubblegum pink shade you could try something more playful, like bangs and a high ponytail. The deep, hot pink lipstick will really look amazing if you sweep all your hair off your face into a high bun and keep your face makeup to a minimum. Keep experimenting with your looks to wear your pink lipstick in a different way, everyday!

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Image Courtesy: newsofannarbor
Image Courtesy: newsofannarbor
Image Courtesy: nubry
Image Courtesy: nubry

Well, I can go on and on about pink lipstick, but I’ll spare you the horror by stopping here. Would like to know any tips or trends that you know about or follow with regards to pink lipstick.


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