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Mayonnaise is Not Just for My Hotdog

Updated on June 13, 2012
Spare a small jar of mayonnaise for your weekly hair ritual and you will be happy for the difference it makes.
Spare a small jar of mayonnaise for your weekly hair ritual and you will be happy for the difference it makes. | Source

Many years back, a co-worker showed me how mayonnaise softened her hard-to-manage hair. Her hair is thick but dry and stiff and she described it like a broomstick. Hmm, her hair looked more like a coconut husk to me. A few days passed after feeling how rough her hair was, then, she came back to me and asked me to touch her hair again. I noticed there was a change to her looks but I did not immediately realize it was the hair. To my amazement, her hair was so soft to the touch! Wow!

We have a very dry climate in the Philippines and with my friend’s lovely beauty experience, I followed on her hair regimen. I started applying mayonnaise on my thick long wavy hair, wrapped my head for 30 minutes, then headed for shower. Instantly, it felt soft and manageable! I was glad that she shared a hair conditioning experience with me. That's what friends are for!

And I would be honest with you that it was a bit difficult to keep up as a habit though it saved me big time from the expensive lines of shampoos and hair conditioners that were my favourites like Sunsilk, Halo and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoos and conditioners. It got me lazy to run to the fridge, scoop a spoonful and put the application in my head, minutes before heading out. I worried about my head smelling of mayonnaise in a public transportation, where passengers sit too closely side by side. This beauty ritual kept me indoors too for I avoided my crush to catch me with a shower cap on. In the fridge, I had a small jar with a label that read: “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” if not, my pa would have had spread it on his sandwich.


Mayonnaise is an instant supply from your kitchen to remedy a dry, damaged and hard manageable hair.

If you look at the label closely, egg and oil are the two main ingredients; with lemon juice and vinegar contents, and all in all supply vitamins and nutrients. The egg is protein enriched. A whole egg has 31 g of protein, calcium 13%, iron 25%, vitamin A 24% and even vitamins B and D. Oils such as olive and almond oil are also rich in fatty acids and vitamins.

Shine and Vitality

Those with pet dogs must be familiar with including egg on their dog’s diet since egg gives shine to their hair. I might as well shampoo my dog with egg, lemon juice and vinegar too. Using apple cider vinegar is less acidic and has a characteristic fragrance. If it turns our dog’s hair luminous and soft, why not ours?

Mayonnaise is not just a great hair conditioner; it is magic that your fairy godmother does not even know. Scoop up just the right amount into one of those dipping-size sauce dish so there will not be much excess afterwards. Keep a mayo jar to yourself only by labelling it in the fridge. Use a men’s comb to evenly spread mayonnaise into the inner parts of your hair. Depending on how much hair you have, the amount of mayonnaise you need is plainly common sense. And for practical reasons that you do not want to smell more of mayonnaise and vinegar on your head even after rinsing, apply just enough as long as your hair is evenly covered. No need for shampooing twice.

Massage a small amount into your scalp as well. Now, you will feel heavy on your head but it is okay, the results will be heavenly and you would love to repeat this beauty ritual twice a week. Tie your hair into a knot and fasten with a hairclip to avoid grease touching your shirt, or put on a tight shower cap to keep its moisture. Leave on for a good 15 to 20 minutes wait or even half an hour or longer. Rinse well with lukewarm water and then apply little shampoo only. You may also use some conditioner after, but it is really not necessary. It is better not to use your regular conditioner so you will see the difference after the rinse. They say that mayonnaise would also slow down the greying process and thickens hair. Does not it sound appealing?

Apply mayo evenly from the scalp down to the tip of your hair.
Apply mayo evenly from the scalp down to the tip of your hair. | Source

Homemade from Scratch

If this is your first time experience with mayo in your hair, pretty sure you already have a jar labelled for your personal usage inside the fridge. But if you prefer to be more like a lab scientist and feel the thrill running through your veins, you might consider mixing your own homemade shampooing and conditioning agents. No need for test tubes, just follow on the simple steps to a brand new homemade shampoo and conditioner, all ingredients available and within reach in your own household.

SHAMPOO “Glow hair, glow!”

If you still got a half used bottle of shampoo, then you may use this for your experiment. There are no rules to the choices listed below and you may either combine or mix-match them to your desire. After all, you are your own scientist. Shake well. Use immediately for best results.

Set A

1. Add whole egg or yolk only

2. Add 1 tablespoon of corn oil

3. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice

4. Add a few drops of any fragrant essential oil (optional)

(I like the fragrance of sandalwood in bath soaps; it will be good for shampoo as well.)

Set B

1. Add whole egg or yolk only

2. Add 1 tablespoon almond oil or vanilla oil (not extracts)

3. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice

4. Add ½ cup herbal tea

Set C

1. Add whole egg or yolk only

2. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil

3. Add ½ cup beer (adds volume and shine)

4. Add 1 tablespoon honey

For a soothing effect on your scalp, mix all ingredients in low heat, remove or strain out any lumps (if any). Let half cool; be careful not to burn your scalp. The choices are endless to many elements of natural scents that you can add fragrance to your homemade shampoo such as spices from your kitchen shelf: peppermint, rosemary, parsley, sage, sweet basil, ginger and cinnamon (cinnamon increases blood circulation of the scalp to relieve hair loss. Use lukewarm or cold water to massage the scalp; never under a hot water.) Try different small amounts of fruit extracts and just strain away pulp and tiny seeds before adding it into your mixture, or buy natural fruit oils. Some fruits that are easily available are lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi, peach, apricot, and strawberry. For a floral fragrance such as jasmine, lilac, lavender, or ylang-ylang, magnolia, rose, lily, cherry blossoms, chamomile or other exotic flowers like orchids (rare and pricey), these can be achieved from natural flower oils. (My grandma used to grow wild orchids and I am positive that if I had plucked some orchid flowers from her garden, she will have had noticed them missing. Well grandma, it is just a silly thought and I was just a teen then.) Natural essential oils like the Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil and organic oils of flowers, fruits and spices can be bought from health nutrition stores, some drugstores and online. (I have a friend from the Middle East and was willing to buy for me a small argan oil bottle and parcel it including her favourite spices that she wanted me to try, but it was held back by customs. Too bad.)

As others recommend adding drops of your favourite perfume scent into your homemade mixture, I would not do this myself. Most perfumes have alcohol content and could cause dryness to scalp and hair. In hot countries, it is not wise to keep grease/oil on your hair outdoors during mid-day hours such as being out on the beach, hiking, biking, walking, etc. The sun's heat and oil combined, not to mention the dust that it collects could damage hair. Always rinse and bring hair back to its natural form.

Save the egg white if you won't be using a whole egg for conditioner. The egg white could serve as a really "strong hold" gel. Just comb and style.
Save the egg white if you won't be using a whole egg for conditioner. The egg white could serve as a really "strong hold" gel. Just comb and style. | Source

CONDITIONER “Slide your fingers through my hair, baby!”

Does your honey ever play with your hair? Do you scream, “Ouch” when his fingers get caught?

Say goodbye to frizzy hair and split ends. If you are not satisfied with just the homemade shampoo application, you may also try on mixing your own homemade conditioner with the two main components- egg and oil.

Set A

1. Whole egg or yolk (beat properly to a foam)

2. Add 1 - 2 tablespoon oil of your choice

3. Add yogurt (optional)

4. Add a cup of water to dilute

5. Shake well.

Set B

1. Whole egg or yolk (beat well)

2. Add 1- 2 tablespoon canola oil

3. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice

4. Add 1 teaspoon vinegar

5. Water

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