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Me Hair Removal Elos Technology

Updated on June 16, 2011

Me Hair Removal System

The new me my elos is a new home hair removal system - new from the Syneron company. The new hair removal me-my-elos technology is implementing two well known technologies for hair removal - the IPL intense pulse light and the RF radio frequency.

Those two technologies are used to remove hair better, faster and safer than any other home removal system. The Me hair removal system can complete a whole body hair removal session in 30 minutes, while the competing hair removals devices need 30 minutes for a single leg treatment.


Check below:

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The Me hair removal handpiece has changeable epilator and shaver addons (sold separately) those allow the person removing hair to glide the Me hair removal over the skin - and get triple hair removal action done at the same time:

1. IPL- The me will light the IPL lamp and send pulses of light to the skin to destroy the dark ahir in the hair shaft.

2. RF- The me hair removal sends additional RF radio frequency signals heating the hair and destroying it even further than the IPL can. Because those two technologies work simultaneously, there is no need for high power levels for each - So the treatment is less painful..

3. me Epilator or me Shaver- when one of them are used, they shave or epilate the hair just before and underneath the IPL&RF device. So you get a smoother skin immediately and also a long term hair reduction like any other hair removal system.

When using the me Shaver or me Epilator, there are no preparations needed prior to the IPL treatment. Unlike any other home system!

If you have experience with other home hair removal systems, you know that there is a lot of mess and hassle concerning those home sessions. The hair needs to be shaved two days before and much schedule and timing is needed to follow a full treatment program.

The Me elos hair removal system is more expensive than the competing TRIA laser or the SensEpil system. But it is 100% worth the extra investment.



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