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Meaning of Beauty

Updated on November 27, 2013

We always think what true beauty is and what it should be, it is simple as feeling what amazes us each day.

What is beauty? A question often asked and answered by different people. In which changes what it means and makes us confused even more. Now what does it truly mean? Is it the one that really makes our hearts beat? Is it the reason why we live our lives? Is it what we mean to protect each day so that everyone can see it once again? Is it the one that makes us fall in and out of love? Many questions yet my answers may not be the correct ones, but it's what I feel and what many others may feel too.

We all feel beauty and we agree and we also tend to disagree. We all have different tastes that's what we always say. If I don't like the scenery itself doesn't mean I'm wrong, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. Can this be explained and be narrowed down? Its all in the matter of perspective. Were made to be different so that means that the way we think and see are all different. But beauty is not in the matter of perspective, its something else, we don't judge beauty because we can't.

Some think that beauty is attraction. Its what makes us fall in love with others, with it comes beauty. We think that its rare and that only some has this "beauty". We tend to see what is in the outside, but what is inside each one of us is where true beauty lies. It is original; who we are and what we do, its always different, that is one meaning of beauty its being different, extraordinary.

Beauty is our ability to touch other's hearts, to make them feel wanted, to change them for the better.When we give shelter to those who have none and when we make a change for others so that they don't have to. When we comfort those who are alone and forgotten, telling them that they're not alone. When we make sacrifices, when we give and not count the cost. This is beauty of humankind. This is what we do to fulfill our lives, to make us feel perfect.

In summary, Beauty is abstract, it cannot be seen but don’t get me wrong, it can be felt, and it is universal and truly understandable by anyone and anything. It shows life and what it should be; it gives you a reason of existence. Beauty is already achieved by us when we were born; we just develop it through our lives, like a talent. We already have it because we are unique, we are something else outside this world or dimension, nothing or no one else can be us, and in other words, no one else can be beauty, except us. This beauty cannot be seen by our own selves, but it can be only be developed by us, no one else. Beauty can be seen by others, and it cannot be compared nor contrasted by others. You cannot even defy if you are beautiful, only life can.


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