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Medium to short hair styles

Updated on May 23, 2013

Many women dream of changing their look, and often think to try a medium or short haircut, however, many of them "carry" a great resistance to change and they never risk it.

If you are one of these women, then you must know that you can opt for a more smooth and gradual change, beginning with an average cut and then maybe advance to shorter styles.

A short haircut can open a whole world of possibilities, since there is a wide variety of styles to choose from: very attractive and comfortable styles.

The best way to overcome the initial fear is to ask a professional opinion, for example talking with your usual hairdresser (if you entirely rely on her / him, obviously). The style to be taken varies from woman to woman, and a major factor to consider is the shape of the face. There are round faces, oval, rectangular, etc.. And for each type of face there are more or less appropriate haircuts.

Another factor to consider is your own character and personality.

medium to short hair styles
medium to short hair styles

Your hairdresser can give you advice in terms of aesthetics, however, the final decision will always be yours by choosing a style that is appropriate to your character. For example, asymmetrical and bold cuts are suitable for determined women with attitude. If it is not your case, you certainly will not feel comfortable with a cut so bold.

A particular haircut could even fit you well in terms of aesthetics and all people would tell you that you were very beautiful, however, if the haircut does not suit your personality you would be carrying something that does not match your reality, and you would not feel "comfortable in your skin."

Moreover, a good medium to short haircut is always on fashion and can "take up a few years" from you. A real short haircut usually gives people a more youthful look.

For those who always wear long hair, the decision to remove the "cover" that covers the ears and sometimes even much of the face, can be very hard and complicated. However, a medium to short haircut benefit many women who have pretty faces and therefore should be as exposed as possible.


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