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Medusa Piercing

Updated on February 9, 2012

Getting a medusa piercing to add to your collection is a sure way to be ahead of the trend. Although becoming increasingly popular, these piercings will make you stand out from the crowd a little.

A medusa piercing involves the insertion of a stud right through the fleshy part just above your top lip and in the exact centre. This part of the face is also known as the philtrum, hence this type of piercing is also sometimes referred to as a philtrum piercing. Although, usually, a single stud is placed, it is possible to have two or three there, depending on the shape of your face and the size of the studs. These, presumably would be called a double medusa piercing and triple medusa piercing respectively.

Care and Aftercare of a Medusa Piercing

Because of its location on your face, a medusa piercing that should most definitely be done professionally and not at home. In fact, it is highly inadvisable to do any piercing at home due to increased risk of accidents and especially infection.

It is important that the person who does your piercing uses sterile instruments, and any professional piercer should know this and abide by it. If, for any reason at all, you have doubts about the person doing it, then trust your instincts and don’t allow them to do it. Perhaps the best method of choosing a good piercer is to ask around and see who comes recommended. If a friend recommends one, however, and you notice that his medusa piercing is off centre, then avoid that particular piercer. Your piercing should be exactly in the middle, in the groove above your top lip. If it is slightly to one side, then this will affect your facial symmetry.

Unfortunately, a medusa piercing can be quite painful as this is a sensitive part of your face, so be prepared for a sharp pain as the philtrum is pierced. Once this has been done and your stud inserted, you should avoid eating and drinking for 4 hours or more. It is especially important, during the early phases of healing, that you don’t smoke or drink alcohol as this significantly increases the risk of infections. In fact, if possible, you should avoid, or at least moderate these during the whole healing period which should take around two or three months.

A medusa piercing
A medusa piercing

Avoid touching your new medusa piercing, no matter how great the temptation might be. You should keep the area clean, using a saline solution. A qualified piercer will advise you of the correct strength and method to use to do this. It is advisable also, to buy a new toothbrush as bacteria will already have collected on your old one and doing this will help to minimise the risks of infection even further. An antiseptic mouthwash will also help to rid the mouth of any bacteria that cleaning your teeth may have missed.

Although a stud is the most common type of piercing jewelry used for a medusa piercing, it is possible to have a ring instead, although a stud is much more practical and aesthetically pleasing.


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