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Mega Funky iPhone case - Speck Pixelskin

Updated on June 10, 2010

Funk it up!!!

Bored with the typical iPhone cases? Millions of others are already holding onto iPhones and loads of cases look pretty much the same as the other. All the same phones with the same case just spells DULL out loud.

You are probably the type of person that loves things that are far from conventional. Check out the Speck PixelSkin. 

I was constantly chatted up when glances were passed over my iPhone. The design is truly eye-catching and unconventional. Kudos to speck for their creativity. The pixels are not merely drawn onto the case but are protruding from its surface, resembling a chocolate bar. In fact, a while back, I received a remark from a friend for her yearn for chocolates when she spotted my iPhone with the PixelSkin.

Its got real thick skin...

In addition to looking like a choc bar, the PixelSkin offers great protection for your phone too. The case is made up of rubber and is thick enough to offer excellent protection. The rubber material allows for a firm grip. However in events of accidents, the PixelSkin absorbs impact well and leaves no traces of there ever being an accident. Unless your phone is attacked by a saw, the case will do the job from accidental drops and knocks. On the other hand, plastic cases will probably be scratched upon impact, or worse, breaks. I dropped my iPhone fitted the PixelSkin onto the road from a meter high and the case did not suffer any blemishes. Should your iPhone hit screen down, not to worry. The case has a border that extend out about 5mm from the screen, protecting the screen in such an event. This also enables you to place your iPhone screen down without screwing with the screen condition.

The case has pretty well done cut-outs for the buttons. The vibrating mode button can be accessed easily. The other buttons are covered. However, they remain pretty sensitive and you should not have any trouble using them. The earphone cut is actually quite tiny, probably to keep out dust. Do note that other than the earphone that came with the iPhone, other ear-piece would likely have difficulty fitting through the case. Despite the excellent fitting for all the buttons, the camera cut-out was a little off perfect. It was not aligned well but not a terrible point as it does not affect the iPhone's image capturing ability. However, one would expect better quality case for the price of USD$24.95.

The Verdict


- light weight

- excellent protection

- great design

- good grip

- covered volume, sleep and home buttons

- comes in various colours


- rather expensive

- dust gets trapped onto rubber surface easily

- cutting for earphone not suitable for after-market models

- rather bulky

The case does attract attention and offers great protection without adding much weight. However, it does add some bulk, gets dirty easily and the cut-outs should be improved. In my opinion, the earphones that are supplied with the iPhone are great and the small cut for the earphone does not present much of an issue for me and i just love the attention the case brings. I present it a rating of 7.5 upon 10.


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