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Mellow Yellow - A Buyers Guide

Updated on January 24, 2012

Brand History

The brand Mellow Yellow was launched in 2003 by Bruno Van Gaver who wanted to create a new, innovative shoe collection. He decided on the zany name of Mellow Yellow, named after the 1960’s song by Donovan. The song was relaxed and laid back with bright and cheery tones which exactly the impression Bruno wanted his shoes to make. His first collection was showcased at the event Who’s Next in Paris which brings together fashion lovers and models to make fashion accessible to all women at reasonable price points. Mellow Yellow was well received by the stylish consumers at the event and sparked its first shop opening just a month after. The boutique was open in one of Paris’ most chic areas, Turbigo Street. The first collection included a variety of different styles aimed at the premium market; these styles were smart shoes not practical for everyday use. Designers decided to rethink these styles and created more wearable shoes and reviewed the price points. This led to a more casual, attainable collection of footwear which were an instant success and the true spirit of Mellow Yellow was born.

Mellow Yellow has achieved amazing results in a short amount of time. Newcomers to the footwear scene they have opened boutiques globally and are desired by all types of women. Whatever the style you are looking for Mellow Yellow have a shoe for you, styles range from pumps, ballerinas, sandals, booties and loafers. All shoes in the collection are constructed from the highest quality materials that complete any outfit.

We’ve picked a few styles that have especially caught our eye! Komedy White is a patent two tone sandal with a retro twist that can be worn either in the office as smart work wear or on a night out. We also love the Kimper Camel boots; they are a flat riding style with the majority of the leather being black with a tan strip along the calf of the boot. We also love Kanada Bronze a metallic leather platform boot with two cute small bows on the front. The pretty bows create a cleavage to the boot which creates a gorgeous silhouette.


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    • Ashleymckinnon profile image

      Ashleymckinnon 6 years ago from Coleman, WI

      Never heard of this brand before, but you definitely are well-versed. However, you have it labeled as a "Buyer's Guide" but it doesn't seem to be delving into their products as much as giving a history. Once you get into the topic of their products the hub, sadly, is over. We want more :)