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Men Do Wear High Heels

Updated on March 30, 2011
Famous movie director Quentin Tarantino wearing high heels.
Famous movie director Quentin Tarantino wearing high heels.

Lots of Men Wear High Heels

Believe it or not, there is a new, fast-growing, underground movement of men wearing high heel shoes. Of course, we know about drag queens and transvestites wearing heels in public and for performance, but a growing number of straight men are wearing high heels. What??

And it seems this could be a very good business idea if you have the capital.  I mean, this is definitely a little socially odd but there seems to be a lot of dudes into it.  Look at Quentin Tarantino (pictured) wearing women's high heels in a photo shoot.  This guy has done great movies such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill series, Reservoir Dogs and many others.  As long as the dudes legs are shaved, I'm down with it...haha.

Straight Men Wear High Heels

Straight men wear high heels for various reasons. Recent studies show that men wear high heels because of a fetish they have with women's shoes. Some are considered cross dressers but others feel closer with their wives or girlfriends by wearing their high heels. It seems most men do it without their partners knowing.

Other men do it as a stress relief practice. I'm not sure how that works but whatever floats your boat.

There are even web sites popping up that cater to men's sizes in high heels such as A High Heel For Men. I'm thinking that any company that caters to large sized heels might have a very profitable niche business. Who wants to be my investor? :)

By the way, men who cross dress are not gay, apparently.

Gay Men Wear High Heels

Obviously, we know gay men wear high heels but not all day men.  It seems only performers such as drag queens (which I think are all gay) and transvestites/transgender people.

But there also seems to be gay guys that aren't drag queens or transgendered wearing high heels such as guys on the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta.  You can see many episodes of several gay guys wearing high heels on the streets of Atlanta.  Believe me, it looks very strange but you kinda get used to it after awhile.

Would you believe this is a picture of a guy in high heels?
Would you believe this is a picture of a guy in high heels?

Converting Women's Shoe Size to Men

After googling this topic, I found that in order for men to wear women's high heel shoes comfortably, they have add 2 sizes from a women's size to equate it to a man's shoe size.  For example, if you were a size 12 shoe in men, then your women's shoe size is 14.

I've read a lot of forum posts and that seems to be the #1 problem with men that like to wear high heels - they can't find their size.

Again, what a great business to get into!

Final Thoughts

I felt compelled to write this Hubpage on this topic just because it seems to be on the rise on the social circle.  I've seen it on TV many times but never in person but I have a feeling I will very soon.

Just when we are getting used to a few social taboos, others start to pop up and challenge our paradigms of how men, women and people in general should act or appear.  I'm consider myself socially liberal but physically conservative.  Men wearing high heels (straight men to be exact) will definitely warrant a double-take but I'm alright with it.

Are you?


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    • Kathe Jones profile image

      Kathe Jones 8 months ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      I love to wear high heels but have had some knew problems so that has lessened my opportunity to wear them. Usually I wear high heels when I dress up as a woman, like at Halloween.

    • profile image

      Boots 15 months ago

      I also am married and I wear black ankle boots with a 4 " chunky heel sometimes I wear boot cut jeans and other times I'll wear black leggings with a long shirt to cover what should be covered. I've actually had many women come up to me and compliment my look and confidence. Also many say I walk better than they do they find it cute and sexy. I feel great wearing these and that's what matters I haven't had any negative remarks yet but if I do I will just ignore it. Yes I'm a straight guy but it just feels good to wear something different than the norm and I enjoy that. Hey life is a one way trip why not enjoy it.

    • profile image

      robert hathaway 3 years ago

      im a man and I do wear high heels out in public and love it and don't care what others think

    • profile image

      Lucky0967 3 years ago from UK

      Men can wear heel shoes or boots it unisex footwear..i don't see any problems also if u see small men like 4 ft 7in then need heel shoes to gain wee height. It look nice for change, i have some mid heel boots, flat heel pump shoes also mid calf boots cos it make so comfortable when walk and size seem prefect for me.. nothing wrong with men wear women footwear included heel.. :)

    • profile image

      james johnstone 3 years ago

      i am a married man who wears heels all the time.My wife helps me to buy shoes and i have many pairs.I come from belfast in ireland and people don't bat an eyelid

    • Blacksheep557 profile image

      Blacksheep557 4 years ago from NewZealand

      Congratulations sabath7081. Heels are fun and once used to them are very comfortable. Do long walks, to begin with, your calf muscles may feel sore, but that will go away as your muscles strengthen. Have fun and enjoy

    • profile image 4 years ago

      I'm a size 7 men 9 woman's . Just bought a pair of heels and its like I was Bourne to wear them I'm single and strait.

    • profile image

      teeter 5 years ago

      I like cowboy boots with 6 inch heels, a thong, very short cutoff jeans, a big western belt, bandana, and cowboy hat. A very comfortable outfit and very sexy. I love the feel of these shit kickers with the sky high heels they look and feel sexy.

    • profile image

      pingpang 5 years ago

      i am married and from south africa, down here the libaral movement has only taken flame a few years ago. i love wearing my high heels but not outside that wil be taboo to many discrimanation going on. the old government was bad but this one is worse, ladies get beaten because they wear short skirts and apparently gives them the right to rape them as well. enjoy your freedom in wearing them outside i wish i was there. i love the feel of high heels and it gives me a new level of confedance wearing them, i thing the balance aspect has something to do with it but any way it looks damn sexy.

    • profile image

      bman 5 years ago

      Well, ranyathecat's comments are really disturbing. But let's face it, you can editorialize it all you want but some men will wear women's stiletto heels (and cowboy boots with extremely high heels) to gratify themselves since this activity is a huge turn-on. This may be the explanation as to WHY some men do it. I don't hear too many comments regarding this reason on these threads, but I think it's a fact for the human male. Let's face it, we're horny devils. Thank you ranyathecat.

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 5 years ago

      There have been a lot of good things that society promotes for the betterment of all, but when it tried to categorize people into certain stereotypes, a great injustice was perpetrated. Each individual has their own set of desires and abilities. Their man-made stereotyping does not keep them from crossing the gap in their quest for fulfillment. As humans, we have a yearning to know things and experience all that life has to offer. The fact that hardly anyone is in step with anyone else should not be a surprise, for we are separate people with the ability to discern and choose for ourselves. If all the people we now revere as social giants only followed the norm and didn't try to excel in anything, they would not have achieved the accolades we now ascribe to them and we would be a lot worse off. So being different is more human than society wants to accept, because, as far as society is concerned, everyone must fit into the man-made slots someone or group created while figuring one size fits all in that category.

      The mere fact there have men had more delicate and flowery looks through their apparel in the past and women are choosing to cross into the men's wardrobe to fill their styling wants are examples for the injustice and incorrectness of our stereotyping. Men wearing high heels is no more out of character than women in pants and getting tattooes. These examples along with others will take some getting use to, but these are like the choices individuals with their own personalities have the right to decide for themselves. It doesn't mean others have to like the decisions, but we do have to learn compassion for each other and become tolerant of our differences.

    • Margueritte profile image

      Margueritte 5 years ago from San Diego,CA

      Nothing wrong for men wishing to wear high heels and more and more men are, check out the "HighHeelPlace" for high heel lovers. I wear heel all the time with my skinny jeans tucked in under knee high boots with 4 1/2" heels even pumps but with nice womans pants and have never had any thing said.

    • profile image

      Roger 5 years ago

      I wear high heels because they feel good and I like the looks of heels. Women who wear pointed toe skinny heel pumps are my favorite. I have several pair of them and wear heels in my home. My wife doesn't mind, but is afraid gthat I will twist my ankle...That's OK, I have been wearing heels for lots of years and I am used to them...

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Hi, I am a married man who loves to wear high heels. I am a size 6 and a half and my wife knows about my high heel fetish. As I have small feet I find it easy to buy womens heels that fit. I do wear high heels out clubbing all the time with boot cut jeans and almost nobody ever notices.

    • profile image

      HeelsGuy 6 years ago

      Okay, ranyathecat's comments are really disturbing. But, I like heels, and I am straight and married. I talked to a professional and I have to admit, the biggest satisfaction I guess is stress relief. My mind is so preoccupied with the ridiculousness of what I am wearing (not really ridiculous but I know that is what others think) that I forget about my real problems.

    • profile image

      ranyathecat 6 years ago

      I have worn my aunt's high heels, my grandmother's and most recently my sister-in-laws..My cock gets so hard that it is a great way to shave my crotch!! Can I find some guy to suck wearing high heels and some thigh high stockings?

    • Blacksheep557 profile image

      Blacksheep557 6 years ago from NewZealand

      as a stright guy, I love wearing high heels and most days for about 8 hours. I walk at least 10 Kilometres a week and sometimes about 6 k at one time.

      The style I prefer is a Heeled Hiking boot, which has a strudy heel and is great for walking and offers great comfort and support with their 1/2" platform beneith teh ball of the foot. American size 9 or 10 fits me which means I can easily buy off the shelf from any shoe shop. I belive that good arch support is critical when it comes to comfort and endurance as with out good aerch support, the toes and the ball of the foot takes quite a beating. I do not feel that stilletos really suit men but the chunky heel and some detail on the boots makes the hiking heeled boot well acceptable to the general public

    • profile image

      Margie Morales 7 years ago

      Hello i am looking for shoe that are size seventeen in women or size fifteen in men for my grandaughter.Every where that we have looked we have not found any shoe that is suitable for her.We might have found shoes her size but the ones we have found are to high.She is 6'3 and doesn't need any shoe that is taller than an inch and 3/4.Could you at least help us out by suggesting links websites anything to find something rite for her.Thank you very much:)


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