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Crossdressing Men In Dresses

Updated on October 13, 2009

I have a terrible confession to make. After the old pope had died, and whilst the new pope was being chosen, there was a great deal of footage about of the Catholic hierarchy wandering about the place. Now, (as is no doubt obvious) I'm not a Catholic myself, and though I have seen priests in robes before, for some reason the cut of the black cardinal's cassock seemed particularly alluring. For all intents and purposes the thing is a dress. Its long, flowing, and loose. It's also socially acceptable because monks, priests, cardinals, and popes have been wearing these robes for centuries, and because they used to torture and kill you if you disagreed with them over even the smallest detail.

Nowadays non religious men wearing dresses generally have a much harder time of things, unless they are lovable movie characters trying to get their kids back, as in the case of the infamous Mrs Doubtfire. Strangely enough, men who wear dresses are referred to as cross dressers, whereas ladies who wear jeans are known as mom, sister, teacher, friend, prime minister, etc. I don't know what women's rights campaigners did to beat society into submission on that score, but I take my hat off to them (the jaunty top hat that I can wear without fear of recrimination because I am a lady, and we abide by no rules of clothing.)

I am tempted to suggest that the reason men are so reluctant to question women's clothing choices stems from an ancient fear of the daemons of PMS which can be unleashed should a man indicate anything but total satisfaction with his lady's outfit, but that would be sexist, plus there's no such thing as PMS really, sometimes a woman just needs to howl and pillage and raze small villages to the ground then cry hysterically in the aftermath.

Some of my faithful readers/hatahs (haters with extra stereotypical ghetto inflection) might be despairing at this point. 'What now Hope!?', they cry, 'first it was the panties, and we allowed that, then it was the bras, and we let it slide, now men in dresses, what's next, a goat in a wedding gown?'

Actually, yes. (My Google-fu would not let you down now, oh hysterical ones.)

I'm Hope Alexander, and I approve the message of men wearing dresses if they want to. I do know a few conservatve men who would deny that they had any desire to wear womens clothes at all, that is until they are well filled with the daemon liquor, at which point no lady's closet is safe. Let's help save their livers and the torn linings of dresses which just don't fit them by helping them to accept that its okay for a man to wear a dress.

And if you still don't think wearing a dress is manly? Tell it to this guy....


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You left out another segment of dress-wearing guys: the single most intensely anti-female gang on the planet, i.e. fundamentalist muslims.

      That 6'7" Arab with the portable dialysis machine who had planes flown into buildings a few years back? Dude wears a dress. Nobody calls HIM sissyboy! "Terrorist?" Yes. "Scourage of Christendom?" Check. "Dress-wearing sissyboy?" Try it and see what happens!

      For that matter, our mercifully-soon-to-be-EX-president strolled through the flowers and got all kissy-face with the king of Saudi Arabia, who was, if memory serves, wearing a DRESS at the time.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi there Hope as usual you have the wisdom of a higher power,why cant men wear skirts as my fellow Australian mentioned it would be perfect for the hot climate in which we live but the only problem is that we would have to try and change the attitude's of the woman folk in this country as their mind set is that if you look after yourself or wear something other than board shorts there is definately something wrong with you. And besides most of the woman here wear more manly clothes than the men and you also have to put up with the yobbo attitude of the blokes. Keep up the good work.

    • LatexLeah profile image


      10 years ago

      Hope, this has to stop!!First it was panties, then bras, then stockings, cami's, now dresses!!! The next thing we'll be treated to is advice on hosting Tupperware parties! :)

      Mikki, get out and enjoy yourself. It's not as dangerous out there as you think.

    • profile image

      Mikki - 

      10 years ago

      Are you sure you don't have relatives that crossdress? Or, were you raised by a father that shared Mom's dresses and she his overalls? Whatever, you certainly have a way of touching on subjects near and dear to every man who lives in touch with the other 50% of their brain.

      I have often said to my wife that if it were socially accepted (meaning i would not get beat up and probably get us both beat up and me shot... depending on the latitiude) I would often wear skirts and shirts during the summer and tights and long dresses in the winter... it just makes so much more sense in comfort and movement! As for underwear - give me a nice pair of soft stretchy panties that support the boys and keep them from banging along the thighs. Many men approaching mid life are now moaning about the onset of "old man scrotum" as the long term effect of gravity is stretching them like an Ubangi's ear ring.

      For several hundred thousand years men have worn tight fitting loin cloths made of soft leather, the exact same model women wore... when did this change? With the damn Victorians and their strict public separation of the sexes and modes of dress. Prior to medieval times both men and women wore tunics, robes and other comfortable clothing and the wearing of silks satins and laces was restricted by economic class, not gender. Men and women who could afford it were able to wear whatever material they wished.

      I think we will never turn the corner on this. Men like me, who love to wear soft, form fitting, visually appealing (stimulating?) and just plain pretty clothing will never safely see the light of day. So I stay in my closet and enjoy my dressing with myself and those friends who share the pastime and enjoy it as I do.

    • profile image


      10 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      G'Day Hope

      you have ( as you normally do)a very valid point.

      A dress for a man would be just so nice to wear. They look so comfortable on women and so welcome in a hot Australian Summer.

      I'm all for it if you can get the rest of the female population behind the idea.

      It's they who object most strongly about men wearing anything aside from cotton underwear, chinos and suits. it shows up on the shelf and on the runway.

      Personally i love the softer things in life but they will need to remain behing closed doors.



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