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Men In Lingerie - Panties You Can Eat, The Wonderful World of Edible Underwear

Updated on November 13, 2010

As lingerie fans, it is easy to overlook the category of edible underwear simply because it tends to lack the finesse and style that are achieved with more traditional fabrics. However, it is hard to deny that items of lingerie made from candy (and other food) products do possess a certain charm. Undoubtedly for many people some of this stems from deeply held Hansel and Gretel type fantasies held in the subconscious where dreams of houses made entirely of candy run riot, an idea expanded upon even further by the great Roald Dahl when he dreamed up the fabulous chocolate factory owned by the enigmatic Mr. Willy Wonka.

The desire to be able to eat all that surrounds us seems to hold a special place in the human psyche, perhaps because we secretly envy herbivorous creatures for whom the whole world is a smorgasboard, or perhaps because we tend to be interminably greedy.

For one reason or another, it would seem that once man emerged from the primordial sludge, or the spaceship, or the egg, or however we got here, it was pretty much inevitable that at some point we would invent edible underwear. And lo, we have!

There are a wide range of edible lingerie creations available for the lingerie adventurer, ranging from the cheap and cheerful, to the ridiculously ornate and expensive. Here's a look at both ends of the spectrum.

For starters, check out this candy bra. What do you do once you have it on? Well there is the novelty value of prancing around in it for sure, or perhaps teasing a partner who is trying to cling to a diet, but then there are other possibilities that come about with the idea of having candy covering your naughty bits, for example, a very long, very sweet game of strip poker. The candy bra comes with a matching g string, which is pictures, as well as a suspender belt.

Don't have a sweet tooth? How about these handmade panties made of beef jerky? If the idea of wearing meat next you your, er, meat, didn't enthrall you enough, how about the price tag? Whereas most edible undies come with a disposable price tag, these panties are apparently custom made for every client, and cost a whopping $999.00, which is of course, patently stupid. Then again, this may have at least given you an idea for a present for that fellow who has everything. (And yes, those are rhinestones stuck to that jerky.)

I'll leave you with the product description from the store that created these, an online retailer by the name of "We consider these to be the first in "meat haute coutoure". They are made to order for each specific customer from the highest quality of dried preserved meats we can find at the closest convenience store. "


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    • profile image

      Rambeau 10 years ago

      I love those candy panties, but I don't think I'd stop eating when I finished them.