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Men In Lingerie: Should I Worry If He Wears Lingerie?

Updated on October 13, 2009

There's a great deal written here about how all around wonderful it is for men to wear lingerie, and for the men who like to wear lingerie, it is indeed a very wonderful thing. For women who are coming across this phenomenon for the first time however, it can be unsettling. After all, no matter how liberal you may be, or how open minded, it can be a shock to see something so out of place as lingerie on a man. This isn't the sort of image that most of us have ever come across before, and so seeing it for the first time is definitely a shock to the system. It is only natural for you to have some concerns and worries regarding the issue, and I hope what is written here will help you through some of them. Feel free to pose questions in the comments section, besides myself there are many men who wear lingerie who post here, and they may be able to help you out as well.

Is he going to be gay/feminine/unmanly/weird?

No, no, no, and no. Well, at least he isn't anymore likely to be any of those things than that buff jock you lusted after in high school. Most men who wear lingerie are straight, and most men who wear lingerie are smart, well educated men. Odds are that a man who wears lingerie is actually pretty successful in the other areas of his life. However, you do have to make your own judgment. If he wears lingerie whilst encouraging you to 'put the lotion on its skin', then you should probably make a quick exit.

Also be aware that some women do have experiences where the man identifies more and more with the feminine and eventually wants to dress in womens clothes all the time. Just be aware that this does not always happen, and is relatively rare.

The best thing you can do in this situation is talk to him. Ask him what it means to him, and why he likes it. I could write until the stars fall from the sky, and I'd never be able to describe the special individual of a man you have in your life.

Give It A Chance

You may be surprised by how good it feels when he is wearing lingerie. From a woman's perspective, a man in a camisole can be quite pleasing as it makes him soft and smooth, and when it comes to intimate activities, smooth and slidey can make for quite a fun time. The same thing applies if he is wearing panties. I'll leave the rest of that to your imagination.

It's An Opportunity

The fact that he has trusted you with this information means that he really does trust you. You might not be thinking that it is much to reveal, but there are men who go for entire marriages without telling their partners, so it is a big deal. It also means that you have the opportunity to reveal any of your secret desires, the ones you have kept hidden away inside yourself.

Having a man who wears lingerie as a partner can be a very exciting and sensual experience for you both if you are willing to be open to the possibilities.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I told my girl friend right aftwr we met, she was shock at first, now she loves me to wear sexy panties all thw. It turns he on. She even buys them for men

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have had an emotional conflict with myself for years on whether or not it is right or wrong for me to wear panties. I am a 28yr old male, who has been struggling with this since I was 7. I don't understand fully why I wear them I think it is both for the feel and comfort and occasionally the erotic arousal that happens.

      I have had relationships in the past, very few but they are there, all but one never knew that I had this desire to wear panties. Recently I was engaged and for reasons other then me wearing panties the engagement broke, during the time of trying to save the engagement I brought out the darkest secret that I have ever revealed. I am certain that this fueled the fire to the break up.

      I wear strictly Victoria Secrets, I also collect rare items from the corporation, and I once worked for Victoria Secrets. I recently have been tossing around the idea of opening my own Victoria Secrets just to eliminate the need to hide my own fetish with panties, unfortunately I don't have enough $$ to be able to do this.

      I have been wearing panties on and off still, having a conflict with myself that if I continue to wear panties I can be assured to be alone in the world for the rest of my life. Reading the post on here gives me hope that I will be able to find someone that accepts that part of me, I did not ask for this and I don't completely understand why the impulse is continually there. I have been to multiple therapist for multiple years all but my current one has damned it as a negative element of our society. My current therapist, amazingly hot by the way, suggested a different approach, to embrace it if I feel it is part of me. How do you embrace something that is such a dark area in our society. Something that you have to hide from everyone. Something you enjoy but can not express. Something that could leave you utterly alone for the rest of your life.

      I compare my fetish to wear panties to that of an addict of anything. If it is not there then the world itself seems to feel odd. I did not ask to have this fetish, just as someone does not ask to be gay,bi,trans,short,tall,big breasted, little breasted, smart,dumb, or any other thing.

      I gained validation that my fetish was acceptable when I found out that my ex's best friends father, who is a priest, dresses as a woman in his home. He is married with two children and no one other then close friends know about this, most friends accept him as this, but most don't even know he does it. He explained to me that he,like me, has struggled with the fetish since he was a little boy. He came from a good loving home and he had been to therapy for it for years.

      I want to know how, where, do these women exist that accept people like me. I am not gay far from it as a matter of fact, but I feel like I will never have the opportunity to have a family because no woman will accept it as a part of me.

    • profile image

      Al in panties 

      8 years ago

      I told my girlfriend, of 12 years now,right after we got togather that I liked to wear panties ,pantyhose and lingerie.She looked at me in a strange way.i told her I'm not gay,I just like the way they feel on my skin.Then told her I wanted her to dress with me while we play (forplay) and have some great sex. So we did and she loved it.I cut the crotch out of apair of pantyhose for her and me,then we both put on bra's and stared playing,she was so turned on she wanted to do this everynight! Later she always wanted to go to the lingerie department every time we went shopping to buy us different things to wear,of coarse it got me hard just shopping for some new things to dress up in.Even now she will bring me little suprises home,and want me to try them on as soon as she gets home!I get stayup stockings,panties,bra's ,cami-tops,pantyhose all the fun stuff.We even got 4inch spiked heels for both of us,2pairs each!Of coarse I had to order mine froom a lingerie store,size 13-red ,they are very sexy and fun for play. I had a girl friend before her that was even more crazy about playing in lingerie!Really loved to see me in stockings and a garter belt,with heels she found for me! I think most women don't know what they're missing if they haven't played with a man in lingerie!I have always had the fetish ,and been with other women that I introduced to the fun and feeling ,very sexy! at first they think its strange,but can't stp after they tried it with me!I still wear panties,pantyhose,and things everyday.It's just a normal thing for me now! Oh I didn't mention ,I like for certain women to see me in lingerie,but kinda scared that they will tell people that I'd rather not know.And my favorite magazine is Leg Show,you should get it,Very sexy and good fetish stories and pictures!Join me and have the best of the best,not kidding,I love the lady's that dress like me! And I'm not gay,like to dress with women only!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've always had an affinity for pretendiing to be a girl. I LOVE wearing make-up, lingerie, dresses and high heels. Why? I LOVE femininity so much that I want to be a lesbian. I'd adore living and working dressed eveyday as a girl. I'm not gay, I don't feel the need for some guy's cock: I just love to feel feminine. I nearly had the chance, when I was working some of the Sydney Hospitalit Agencies, to get a shift on a private boat on Sydney harbour - had I got it, I woud've turned up as a waitress, with back stockings, black skirt, white bra under white blouse - for free!! Fantastic! If anyone wants an energetic cross-dressing guy in Sydney: email me at Liptstick at the ready! Mua!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have to say that my boyfriend and i explored him trying on a pair of lacy crotchless panties that belong to me just last weekend. He has never explored this (though i am sure it has crossed his mind as he was completely open to it) and i have never experienced it but we both found it to be very erotic. I'm glad we tried it. I'm shopping for matching panties for us to wear out on my birthday now.

      Thanx to all you guys who have helped to make this more acceptable!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am a 56 year old heterosexual male. I have been wearing bras now for a little over a couple years. The side effects of the medicine I take has made my breasts get large. I wear a bra when I go to work and I'm not embarrased at all. I work on cars. When I go to the health club, I sometimes wear a bra. When I go swimming I either wear a womens suit or my trunks and sometimes a bikini top. Hey guys, don't let anybody make fun of you. We are who we are.

    • pantiesbob profile image


      10 years ago

      Why does it have to be weird? Is it weird for women to wear underwear with y-fronts or named boy-shorts?

      Who decides, YOU do!!!!

    • pantielover profile image


      10 years ago

      Wearing smooth soft pretty colors is a rare treat most men never get to feel. Truth is if folks wernt so uptight they would see that a pair of panties makes a man feel like a whole different person ,cute lace and soft satin or whatever you desire ,put it on you will see it is nice it makes your soul feel soft ,not gay.

    • turd ferg profile image

      turd ferg 

      10 years ago

      put it bluntly,,, everyone whos good in the sack has somthin that gets them goin,, men in lingerie panties or wat evs aint that bad its just clothes,, HARMLESS the rest are starfish just layin der on there back arms out legs spread BORING!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Here's another really good point. If you are accepting and willing to give this a try, I promise you will not find a more devoted lover than the one who just revealed himself to you.


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