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Men In Panties Showdown: Cotton Bikini Cut Panties For Men vs Nylon Bikini Cut Panties For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

How you like that headline hmm? Seen one as long as that? Not in a long time, I'll warrant. It has been suggested to me by various reliable sources that bikini cut panties are some of the best panties a man can wear. Not only do they provide full coverage in the front and back which makes them both comfortable and sensual, but they also expose the thigh in a sexy sort of fashion, creating a sexy look. With bikini cut panties a man really can have his cake and eat it too.

(Bonus prize to anyone who can explain to me in the comments what the heck “having your cake and eating it too” actually means, one would think that having one's cake would be the prime situation for being able to eat it. If you didn't have it, if it was, say, abducted by aliens, how would you eat it? But I digress.)

The question is, should men wear nylon bikini cut panties, or cotton bikini cut panties?

Nylon Bikini Cut Panties

Nylon, the favorite of many a man in lingerie, and can we blame him? No, nylon feels so silky smooth against the skin, is pretty to look at, and is capable of fufiling all types of men who wear lingerie (the ones who want to feel girly, the ones who like the look of it, and the ones who like the feel.) One might think that nylon bikini cut panties would be all a man would ever need, but still cotton bikini cut panties continue to exist. Why? Why can cotton not give way to the material of the future, nylon? Nylon will not biodegrade nearly as quickly as cotton, making it the perfect panty material for men who plan on surviving an apocalypse scenario with their lingerie collections intact well into the 25th century.

Cotton Bikini Cut Panties

Cotton bikini cut panties are soft and cute. They breathe nicely, allowing you to live an active lifestyle and still wear sweet, feminine lingerie. Some men prefer cotton panties because they have a softer and more natural texture to them than nylon panties. They like the fact that they can purchase cotton panties which were grown organically, unlike Nylon panties which are created in the very bowels of man's mechanical hell. They like the fact that cotton panties have an innocence to them, unlike nylon panties which seem to be unable to resist the urge to be lewd and sensual given the slightest opportunity.

The Winner?

One could, of course, always purchase both cotton panties and nylon panties and enjoy the benefits of both on alternating days. However I fear this goes against mankind's inclinations to pick sides, draw lines and engage in fierce battles.

So men, go forth and battle in the comments... which shall be the victor, cotton or nylon?


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    • profile image

      Nolyn 7 years ago

      Nylon - definitely! The feel is the best, plus nylon doesn't hold moisture like cotton does.

    • profile image

      charles 8 years ago

      My chest of drawers and cedar chest indicates the answer to this question is nylon. I do like cotton panties too, just not as much as nylon by far.

    • profile image

      Bobbiev 8 years ago

      I love nylon panties. Hi cut and briefs. I wear them 24/7 and love it.

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      I myself like both the cotton and nylon panties. I have each. I wear the cotton ones more often, I do like the bikinis.

    • profile image

      silklover 8 years ago

      I gotta go with nylon or silk panties. Love the feel and the way they make me feel good. Just find cotton not sexy at all. but to each his own

    • profile image

      nylonpantyman1961 8 years ago

      I love both, at the same time. Often I'll wear cotton briefs for soft comfort, with nylon briefs over them for the silky feel and my pants slip and slide without "sticking" cotton to cotton. For me, the best of both worlds!

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      Well, I really don’t like bikinis, I prefer the Hi-cut or French style and like cotton in this South Carolina heat but do enjoy the nylon/spandex combinations too. If I have to pick solely nylon or cotton, it would be cotton.

    • profile image

      Scottie 8 years ago

      Can't I have both nylon and cotton bikinis!? Personally I like wearing the nylon panties at home at night or when I need to dress nicely, but cotton bikinis are good when getting active. Add some lace and maybe a little bow :) Score

    • profile image

      Wren 8 years ago

      Nylon of Course! Not even close! I don't and won't ever own any cotton panties!

    • profile image

      janisj 8 years ago

      vanity fair hicut nylon panties are my first choice for comfort and style

    • sloggilover profile image

      sloggilover 8 years ago

      I prefer nylon most of the time, they are smoother, lighter and thinner wih some semi see-thru..........

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      No question, nylon. Comfortable, good looking, excellent coverage in the back and it rarely rides up to make your -ahem- boy parts uncomfortable. I know cotton "breathes" and all, but give me nylon if I'm going to wear lingerie...otherwise, they're just underpants!

    • profile image

      silkytouch 8 years ago

      Like any clothes there is a fabric or a fashion for all occassions and moods. For sensousness there is silk, satin and nylon. For comfort there is nylon mixed with spandex and other multiway stretch fabrics. For hot weather there is linen and egyptian cotton and for very cold weather there is knitted cotton.

      Chose the moment and the occassion and there is a perfect fabric and a pair of panties to match.

      For me silk or nylon most of the time.

    • profile image

      starfiend 8 years ago

      Stretch lycra/elastane nylon first, followed by cotton lycra mix second.

      Depends on the individual garment though.


    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Well thank you kindly for enlightening me, spin.. I'll have to work on that bonus prize :)

    • profile image

      spin 8 years ago

      : What is the origin of the phrase: : "You can't have your cake and eat it too" ?

      From "Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings" by Gregory Y. Titelman:"You can't have your cake and eat it too -- One can't use something up and still have it to enjoy. This proverb was recorded in the book of proverbs by John Heywood in 1546, and is first attested in the United States in the 1742 'Colonial Records of Georgia' in 'Original Papers, 1735-1752.' The adage is found in varying forms: You can't eat your cake and have it too. You can't have everything and eat it too; Eat your cake and have the crumbs in bed with you, etc. ..."

      I can has bonus points? lol. Please tell me they're redeemable for something OTHER than an "All expenses paid, free trip, AROUND THE ROOM."

      Nylon. Feels soo much better. Cotton, still feels like cotton (altho much nicer in panties.)

    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 8 years ago

      I have to go with both. I can't choose between the two since they both serve their purposes. Love the panties in the pic.

    • profile image

      tim 8 years ago

      Nylon wins hands down. I love the feel of them and the look. That's what caught my eye all those years ago, sticking out of the laundry hamper. My wife prefers the cotton for herself for all the reasons above, but prefers mine to be shiny and smooth.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      I like nylon more because of the reasons you already stated, but the cotton breath factor is a good thing too.

    • profile image

      Ludovic 8 years ago

      For me nylon wins, any day.

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      I will go with cotton because they come in such a variety of colors and patterns, breath great (seeing as i live in Texas that is a big deal), are soft, and just great.

      but in no way do i not enjoy wearing nylon.

      as a famous person will hopefully one day say

      "Nylon, cotton, both are amazing because both are panties!"

      -famous person of the future

      great hub.

    • profile image

      mikki 8 years ago

      "Both" is the obvious answer to everyone who like to wear panties, male or female. I could extol for hours on the relative merits, but you have done a really good job of distilling it quite a bit. I guess I could make a try at making it just a bit more succinct:


      - sensual, slippery over the body.

      - More colorful than cotton for a longer period and seems to accept embellishments better, i.e. lace trims, satin overlays, mesh panels... all the little sexy things we like.

      - combines well with spandex blends to provide a fit that goes from freckle hugging, mold to your every feature and leave nothing to the imagination smooth and tight, to the free, sheer, blousy, teasing, flattering and just plain gorgeous drape of a fine satin or georgette.

      On the other hand, there is cotton:

      - also comes in various weights and qualities, from fine supersoft light as air egyptian blends to the more weighty everyday 100% blends that are good for workouts or all day wear on the job.

      - b-r-e-a-t-h-e so wonderfully... there is nothing like wearing a pair of light weight cotton panties while having a cocktail on the back screen porch (behind the sheer curtains and all the plants). The matching camisole works with the panty to just wick away the moisture of the late day warmth and sun.

      - also are ameniable to various trims, but tend to wear a bit quicker than nylon... in some case this is not a bad thing, like comfy jeans a well worn pair of panties that have stretched to fit your every curve and are thread thinned to be almost transparent... like wearing air under your favorite shorts or pants... or skirt!

      As you may have guessed, I firmly sit in the "both" camp... along with silk, satin, mesh and any other fine guage material that can be made into a sexy and satisfying pair of panties.

    • profile image

      Don Witten 8 years ago

      My vote goes to cotton. I like the breathe factor. Everything stays much cooler with cotton.