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Men Should Wear Large, heavy Sterling Silver Western Belt Buckles

Updated on August 4, 2011

Men: Belt Buckles! Wear them!

Nothing is wimpier than baggy, ill-fitting clothes. Men who want to make a bold statement need to wear clothes that fit and fit well. Belts are a necessary ingredient in making sure that a man's pants remain thoroughly and completely up. Belt buckles are the vital part of making sure that the belt maintains its place at your waist. They are also an excellent and acceptable way for a real man - a manly man - to ornament his manly body with buckles big enough to double as personal protection shields in case of errant knees and elbows.

What kind of belt buckle is right for you? Should you wear a Western belt buckle? One of the many incredible Geeky belt buckles? Or perhaps something more Celtic? Let's talk about the different situations these different belt buckle styles are ideal to wear.

What Kind of Belt Buckle is Right for Me?

Belt buckles come in many different styles. The most classic belt buckle is the Western! If you don't know what kind of belt buckle to wear, go with the Western. The Western style is fantastic for business attire. Combined with an equally macho leather bolo tie, the first impression that any client or co-worker will have is that the person with the hefty Western belt buckle, and the awesome leather bolo tie, is infused with the independent, hard-working pioneer cowboy spirit. If you are meeting your significant other's family for the first time, men, it is highly recommended that you favor a Western-style belt buckle. The eagles, patriotism, and country rose ornamentation will appeal to your significant other's father figure, and hearken back to simpler times, when men were men, and did manly, difficult things.

Other belt buckles are appropriate in other scenarios. If you work in the technology industry, the best sort of belt buckle for you is a geeky one. Transformers, original Nintendo controllers, Pac-Man, and all sorts of other technology icons are available in buckle form. Holding one's pants up with an icon of technology sends a powerful message to your coworkers. it says, "Technology is my business, because it is what I use to put my pants on in the morning!" The only thing more serious than a technology belt buckle is a pocket protector. See if you can locate a pocket protector that matches your buckle. In fact, if you can convert your belt buckle into a pocket protector with your home tools, you will be the envy of everyone at your place of business.

If you are going on a date, and do not want to overwhelm your date with the powerful aura of manliness that you convey, seek out Celtic and tribal-themes belt buckles. While still macho, they hearken to the spiritual history of primitive cultures. You will be reminding your date of the vikings and pirates on the cover of romance novels. You will be conveying a sense of primitive machismo that doesn't come with lots of commitments, like homesteading and sodbusting. The Western belt buckle is reminiscent of homesteading and sodbusting. Wait until you know you are interested in homesteading with your date before you cross over into the subtle cues that your belt buckle provides.

Your belt buckle style is a personal choice, and can say a lot about you to the people around you. It is a clear sign that you are a man, and a real man at that! You tell people firmly that your pants will fit you, and never fall down in a moment of peril. Whenever you select your belt buckle, consider the message you are trying to convey. People notice a man with a large belt buckle. Make sure what they notice counts for something.

Many companies offer belt buckles, and make them with different materials. Should you seek out a solid sterling silver buckle, or brass, or even gold? Sterling silver is, in my opinion, always the best. It is the strongest material, and one of the shiniest. It is easy to polish to a blinding sheen, and will outlast the many leather belt-straps you will wear in your active, manly lifestyle. Second to sterling silver, brass can get a nice shine but does tend to scratch up and tarnish after a hard week on the farm. Gold is far too soft, and is only appropriate in dressy scenarios, like your horse's birthday party or your trip to the truck store for a new truck. If you are unsure what kind of belt is right for you, choose sterling silver.

Watch out for plain metal knock-offs that are not sterling silver. The money you save today means your manly belt buckle will last only as long as a leather strap. Always be sure to avoid cheaper metals if you want a belt buckle you can proudly pass down to your grandchildren, as a token of the manly force of prior generations of men shaping their world.


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