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Men & Style: A Cigarette Case, Hip Flask and Leather Gloves

Updated on September 2, 2011

Smoking a cigarette whilst having a drink used to be fashionable. A hip flask and cigarette case were once considered as essential accessories for the fashionable male. Nowadays, the gentle art of smoking is frowned upon to the degree that it ranks for abolition, if lobby groups have their own way. And taking a drink from a "hippie" is now a sure sign that you may be booked in the next available bed at the local rehab.

So the 21st century has allowed for every man to be able to wear leather gloves proudly as he did last century, with style. Presumably to match his belt and shoes. Modern man has conservatively aligned with mainly black and dark brown - as these colours are easily matched.

Some say that men are less fashion conscious than women. Whether we agree with this statement or not, men of style are doing their best to catch up. Leather accessories for men in 2011 are wide and varied. Leather is strong and durable and gloves are in. Fashion trends change every season, even for men. But men can be fashionable for a lot less cost than a woman can. Men also like to play it safe when it comes to color. Today, black and white are safe and simple. Anything goes with black. Even though you may like to look safe and insist on wearing black, you can add a splash of color, for example, a burgundy waistcoat with your dark suit; a tie clasp and perhaps a watch chain for that classic look, topped off with black leather gloves.

As you exit the building for the day, pause on the steps, look up at the sky and survey for rain, slap your gloves against the palm of your hand and make a dramatic act of pulling on your gloves, gently, with your fingers extending and contracting as the glove fits over your hand.

Chic and elegant for a woman.

Confident and sophisticated for a man.

The style conscious male must cater to his own needs. Women have been doing it for so long, they are experts! A woman that will make suggestions and assist a man's dress sense is priceless. A man who listens is sensible.

Men who want style, take advice on matters of dress. This is the contradiction of modern mens fashion. There are not many well-dressed men out there. We like to think we are fashion conscious, but as we advance into the 21st century, where are the international well-dressed men?

I'll tell you where they are. They are locked in a '30s black and white movie, smoking a cigarette and sipping from a hip flask!


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