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Men's Vs. Women's Hygiene Products

Updated on August 27, 2012
photo: thephotographer4you on flickr
photo: thephotographer4you on flickr
photo: Melilotus on flickr
photo: Melilotus on flickr
photo: katysabrat on flickr
photo: katysabrat on flickr

I didn’t even delve into the other areas of personal hygiene products out there, such as:

Hair products: hairspray, smoothing serum, defrizzer, gel, mousse, texturizing crème, hair color, shine booster...

Skin products: exfoliates, self tanner, bronzer, peels, masks, anti-aging miracle crèmes, acne solutions...

Makeup: lipstick, gloss, balm, powder, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara...


As I stood in the shower, reaching for my eye makeup remover, water streaming over my hair, I looked at the products that I use everyday. In the shower alone, there sat seven brightly colored bottles of sweet-smelling goo that I consider to be a regular part of my showering routine.

There's the shampoo and the conditioner, each carefully chosen for my specific hair needs, in the scent that I like.

The fruity-scented foaming shave gel that I blow through quicker than I'd like to admit.

A large tube of facial cleanser designed to moisturize my dry skin while it clears away dirt and makeup.

The afore mentioned bottle of eye makeup remover to ease the removal of my layered on eyeliner and blackest black mascara, without having to scrub, causing more fine lines and crow's feet.

A large bottle of body wash that lathers up and makes you smell like you've been sipping a pina colada in the Tropics. Or like you've been bathing in one.

The peppermint lavender foot scrub with pumice to smooth away rough heels and make your feet feel so fresh!

I then looked over to my husband's corner of the shower. There was one lonely bottle. The plastic was black, as if to imply that it was a very masculine bottle, brimming with testosterone and manliness. In big, bold letters it stated: The Ultimate Clean, Hair and Body Wash.

What a wondrous day! You mean to tell me the health and beauty industry has pooled it's scientists to generate a formula that will clean every part of your body with the contents found in one bottle?!? Who knew?

To further enlighten myself, I went on to read the back of the bottle. It boasted that this super-product could simplify your routine while giving you the right balance of cleansers and conditioners. It could get you clean from head to toe and you would smell manly in the process.

I lathered, rinsed, and repeated with my own goods, then stepped out of the shower. Still pondering the existence of such a product as I toweled off, I opened the cabinet under the sink and decided what fruit or plant I'd like to smell like that evening.

Ripened Grapefruit...Cherry Almond...Soothing Aloe...Sweet Temptation? (Nope, better save that one for a special night.)

Then I realized I was in yet another realm of beauty supplies. It's as if the shower said, "No more!" and kicked half the products to the curb. After the body lotion, I proceeded to apply facial moisturizer, anti-wrinkle eye cream and deodorant. I followed this routine by brushing my teeth (toothpaste was involved) and rinsing with mouthwash.

In the course of 30 minutes, I had managed to use THIRTEEN different products.

In the same 30 minutes, my husband would have used three. No wonder our water is so polluted! Not to mention the money we spend to keep the beauty industry in business.

This all being said, I actually enjoy using most of those products. It's the girly grown-up version of taking care of yourself. It's primping and cleaning and maintaining yourself to look and feel better. So what if it takes thirteen products to get there. I think deep down I must be jealous of that one manly bottle of head-to-toe cleanser. If only women could come up with a concoction that rivals the Ultimate would cost $100 a bottle.

photo: whoever, whomever on flickr
photo: whoever, whomever on flickr


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    • geekgirl profile image

      geekgirl 9 years ago from

      Your welcome, I love beauty products. A women can't have too many. I find it amazing that my husband can be content with only one beauty product. You have a nice article too!

    • geekgirl profile image

      geekgirl 9 years ago from

      Thanks for using my picture. I was really surprise to see it on your page.

    • MasonsMom profile image

      MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.


      Thanks so much for adding your thoughts on this. I was happy to see a comment from you since I'm such a fan of your writing!

      Hilarious and revealing video--that's exactly what I'm talking about! And who doesn't have a "product graveyard" that you speak of?! I just can't throw them away either. In fact, just today I took a bottle of perfectly good Arbonne shampoo to work and pawned it off on someone! (I just hated the smell!) Anyway, I have a feeling the older I get, the more product it's gonna take...ugg!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Well ladies, count me in! It's ridiculous and although I'm a short Jewish gay man, I'm still highly humiliated at how many products it takes every day. Not only do I have all the products I use everyday (a staggering amount) but I also have what I call "the product graveyard" which are all the products I bought, don't love but won't throw out because I'm thinking that I may one day go back to them. Yikes! I created a video blog about it a while back - How Many Products Does It Take? Watch it here -

    • my-hair-tools profile image

      my-hair-tools 9 years ago from Ohio

      that is a big difference.. never really noticed the vast differences before and your completely right.

    • MasonsMom profile image

      MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      You're right, Lela--It would make a good experiment!

      Thanks for the comment, Decrescendo!

    • Decrescendo profile image

      Decrescendo 9 years ago

      Pretty serious health issue. Appreciate the tips.

    • profile image

      Lela Davidson 9 years ago

      Too funny! This is great, and yeah - how we can all relate. It's ridiculous. And don't forget the foot stone, sugar scrub, lotion, etc, etc,. This would be an interesting experiment to count how many products we use all day!