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This Winter, Men Will Be Wearing Skorts

Updated on March 29, 2010

EDIT: Apparently, these aren't actually skirts, but skorts, which Givenchy is calling 'bermuda shorts', which sort of takes the original awesomeness of what appeared to be their designs and steps it down several notches. Several. notches. Still, on the plus size, you'd still look like you were wearing a skirt until someone checked out your behind. I don't know how comforting that is.

Givenchy has picked up the torch of skirts for men (edit: no they haven't)  in its Fall / Winter collection. Not content with putting a solo skirt in there for a bit of gimmicky androgynous draw, skirts make up around half of the men's collection, along with feminine jewelery, and shoes styled to look like strappy women's sandals, sorry, correct that, strappy velvet sandals that are unashamedly for men! (At least the sandals are actually sandals, unless they later turn out to be Buddhist mandalas. I wouldn't put it past Givenchy at this point.)

My favorite ensemble has to be one which seems strangely reminiscent of the hub I once wrote called 'Men Wear Lingerie, Jesus Wore A Dress'. This ensemble is made up of dark opaque stockings, a short simple skirt and a 'Jesus is Lord' T-Shirt. Pure beauty. Behold the casual chic of this ensemble.

The fun doesn't end there though, Givenchy also sent shirtless male models down the runway wearing nothing but skirts, stockings and the trade mark sandal type creations in black velvet. It's gorgeous, entirely gorgeous. I love the fact that they've put some serious effort into creating footwear that goes with a male skirt and stocking combination. Oh, and the slightly retro foppish lace cravat shirt? Yes! Oh yes! (If I didn't know better I would say that these hubs mandatory reading for the Givenchy crowd.) But the brilliance is that they are not. The brilliance is that the changes and fashions I keep yammering on about are actually occurring out there at the fringes of fashion and they will, nay they must, make their way into the mainstream eventually.

There is so much more to discover in this collection, so I highly recommend that you go and check it out for yourself, not so much for the purposes of necessarily buying items, but for the purpose of seeing that skirts for men are indeed becoming increasingly mainstream, that the notion of fashion freedom for men is embraced by at least one major fashion house, (though in reality it is embraced by far more) and that the silly close minded women and men who currently think a man is gay if he wears women's clothing will no doubt be gushing over Brad Pitt in a skirt in just a few more years. (Well maybe not the men, but the straight women probably. You know what I mean. The men will be too busy being dressed in skirts for dinner by their wives.)

Fashion is changing! Long live the fashion revolution!

Visit the Givenchy site. (You're looking for Collections > Men > Fall / Winter 2010. The site was designed by a hopped up monkey with an obsession for Java, but don't let that slow you down.)

And finally, thank you to Steve for the tip off! Great find! You receive 10 lace floral scented internets!


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    • profile image

      hicutguy 7 years ago

      Isn't the idea to create a desire to discover what is not seen?

    • profile image

      Rachel B. 7 years ago

      Interesting article! Everyone should wear what they want. So if men want to wear skirts, skorts, or any other piece of fashion, go right ahead. I must admit its not my personal taste in men's style though.

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      What amazes me is women insisting on wearing jeans while complaining about how warm they are and how binding they become. Why not wear lighter weight and better styled pants? I believe this reasoning applies to the jean-denim short-skirt/short discussion for men too. It is amusing that Givenchy may be trying to ease men (and women) into the new fashion as Bermuda shorts while adding the fashion treatment of a skirt appearance at the front. Okay. I suspect it is a way to delicately help men and women past traditional fashion hangups. Remember caftans? For a while a lot of men, myself included, enjoyed their roomy style and comfort. I commend men who have turned to the more economically and sensibly priced thermal undies marketed for women. These function like more expensive athletic branded thermals at half or less cost.

      I hope the super-center retailers pick up on the skirt/skort opportunity. Better yet if an NBA or soccer team wears them as their light and airy uniform.

      We live in interesting and wonderful times.

      Thanks for your new hub offerings.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Exactly tsnkeeter, if you're going to say that about men in skirts, be prepared for men to say that they don't see the appeal of a woman in pants.

      Of course, that's nigh unacceptable these days, isn't it? What an odd double standard that is, that you feel free to come and comment that you don't find men in skirts appealing, but there would no doubt be outrage if men posted on hubs about women's jeans or pants saying that they were not appealing.

    • Tnskeeter profile image

      Tnskeeter 7 years ago

      HHHMMM. I really do not see the appeal. A man in black stockings and a skirt? Call me old fashion. Give a man in a nice pair of slacks or even some faded jeans any day. I guess women asked for this when we started wearing slacks. Of course that's just me. To each his own.

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 7 years ago

      I'm still trying to get my head around the Givenchy site since getting a tip to it at a site for men who wear kilts & skirts. I noticed at the time that some of the pictures had men in what appeared to be skirts but the descriptions proclaimed them to be Bermuda shorts. A few of the pictures had buttons in the lower corner that would show the rear view of the same outfit. Sure enough, they were shorts from the back. Why they don't have the courage just to call them skorts and be done with it is beyond me. (Though the one skort I own is skirted all the way around.)

    • profile image

      Screwloose 7 years ago

      Hate to tell you Hope, but they are indeed wearing skorts. Looking at the website gives the onlooker backside views of the outfits.

    • profile image

      dena 7 years ago

      The picture of he guy with the slacks, top and sandals, very cute and charming.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Good spotting Doug, weird because they quite clearly aren't bermuda shorts at all.

      'Bermuda Shorts, also known as walking shorts or dress shorts, are a particular type of short trousers, now widely worn as semi-casual attire by both men and women. The hem can be cuffed or un-cuffed, around one inch above the knee.'

      What those men are wearing are not, by any stretch of the imagination, shorts. For starters, they're not bifurcated (unless they've gone and done the 'skort' thing,) which is still better than nothing, but 1000 time more retarded than just making a skirt and being done with it.)

    • profile image

      Gunnau 7 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      Thank You Hope.

      I shall use them wisely.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 7 years ago

      Hope, those women already HAVE gushed about Brad Pitt in a skirt, several years back, even. They went positively ga-ga over him as Achilles in "Troy," in which there was nary a pair of pants to be seen.

      You're doing an excellent job of pointing our the essential cognitive disconnect in western culture: on the one hand, men have nice legs that deserve being shown-off. Even women who loathe American "football" love, Love, LOVE the skintight, muscle-baring tights players wear. Same with movies like Troy. Those two areas, however, have a shroud of fantasy or unreality about them that provides "cover" against general social disapproval.

      Givenchy, however, has taken that bull by the horns, and we'll see how many positive reviews the skirts get. The content of the reviews will be an interesting barometer of HOW the trend is accepted or disapproved.

      The greatest fun would be to see the response of an American fundamentalist. The purple-faced confirmations of the Apocalypse (since THAT president has already heralded its arrival) would be nothing short of delightful in a watch-the-bigot-have-an-anyeurism kind of way.

    • profile image

      Doug 7 years ago

      I notice they call all the men's skirts "Bermuda shorts." I guess one can only push the envelope so far, but I really like the look!

    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago

      Really chic for us men who enjoy dressing. Thank you Hope for this article.